Why are we special and what makes us so different

The Mission:

Our goal is to grow a healthy, household name brand and push the jewelry industry in a more sustainable direction. We want you to Flaunt your jewelry in style. We aim to be a one-stop personalized jewelry shop for men and women of all ages and make every occasion special.   



Why “Colourful Aura”?

Being from a Visual Merchandising and interior background, “Colour” was always the key to it. However, the “Aura” comes from my years of experience in FengShui, Vastu, and Reiki. Together these two words define who I am. 

How The Colourful Aura was Born? 

Back in June 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak, our owner filled with passion and love for her handicrafts started a simple online store to spread some love she had been getting from everyone who appreciated her work. The foundation of The Colourful Aura was being established while the world needed a reason to smile.

How Do We work?

Our stable supply chain ensures we keep innovating new designs and produces exciting items for the shop. The inspiration for designing the pieces comes from the multicultural background and taste of our designers. Our creations include Minimalistic, Bohemian, Floral, Vintage, Modern, and many more.

The Colourful Aura

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Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what’s already there


We design from the heart. All starts from a sketch and ends up taking shape by the help of our manufacturing partners.


Our ideas come from different places, nature, tradition and things around us. We observe and we design.


I personally design most of products, I make every necklace by hand and take help from manufacturer to give it a shape.


We use best delivery service to guarantee the timely and quality delivery of the products.