Why are we special and what makes us so different

The Mission:

We aim at bringing the best fashion jewellery for you, with various styles and designs to suit your taste. Our online store lays the foundation for prompting the fashion of today in the sustainable direction. Our sole responsibility isn’t only limited to delivering designs, rather, we treasure the smiles that come with it.

Why “ The Colourful Aura”?

We are home to the best fashion jewellery, becoming the one-stop everyday fashion. Jewellery in our store is born out of passion. This idea is then brought to life from the owner’s handcrafted items. The jewellery made by the owner of this online store, is filled with the appreciating praises from those around her. Alongside the handcrafts, we take immense responsibility for delivering you with quite the collection of personalised jewellery. This one-of-a-kind jewellery is also the best substitute for gifts!

How The Colourful Aura was Born? 

In June 2020, when the whole world suffered a silent gloom, we wanted to bring about the lost smiles on people’s faces. With our unique personalisation, alongside the dynamic handcrafts from our side, birthed this once-fledging online jewellery store. We take immense pride in delivering our unique designs to you, to the world and especially, aspiring to be the reason behind your smile today.

How Do We work?

Evolving an inspiration into a developed piece of art. We deliver the latest, trendy fashion with the sparkle of our handcrafts. Our daily work involves coming up with various inventive state-of-the-art and aim at breaking the ground with our far-out style. Be it the progressive, liberal, minimalist styles or multicultural and traditional ethnic jewellery, at ‘The Colourful Aura’, you’ll find much more. 

The Colourful Aura

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Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what’s already there


We design from the heart. All starts from a sketch and ends up taking shape by the help of our manufacturing partners.


Our ideas come from different places, nature, tradition and things around us. We observe and we design.


I personally design most of products, I make every necklace by hand and take help from manufacturer to give it a shape.


We use best delivery service to guarantee the timely and quality delivery of the products.