Sun Ring Jewelry

Sun Ring Jewelry – The Colorful Aura has always made an effort to provide you with the finest and most distinctive jewelry. Additionally, it has brought something fascinating and amazing for you today.

The sun jewelry, that is. You must be in awe after learning about this lovely new style of jewelry. To discover what it is, you must be eager. Well we are all here to tell you about it but let us tell you before that this sun jewelry is surely going to take your heart away with it. 


Let the power of the sun bring light to your soul with Sun Ring Jewelry. Our pieces are individually made with love and care to create timeless magic. 

Story Of Sun Ring Jewelry 

In 2020, our owner, an artist, had the epiphany that she could immortalise the beauty of pure sunlight in jewellery, and that is how The Sun Ring Story was born. Since then, we have worked to create thoughtful and distinctive designs while adhering to eco-friendly principles and procedures. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, resulting in classic pieces with magical power.

Here we are going to show some incredible pieces of sun jewelry from our collection of handmade jewelry. 

Stainless Steel Gold Sun Moon Small Round Disc Pendant

Sun Ring Jewelry

No 1 in the list of Sun Ring Jewelry – A piece of jewellery that will undoubtedly make you giddy with admiration. Was that over the top? Absolutely not! It’s a typical response to the delicate, ethereal work of art.

This pendant with a gold-plated rim is available with either a pearl or a golden chain. They are both 16 inches long. The pendant, which serves as the focal point, has a whole pearl securely attached to it. the pendant bears the imprint of the celestial bodies in space. That is, the pendant has an impression of the sun and a crescent moon. with a contrast from the golden or pearly white chain. Order Now Stainless Steel Gold Sun Moon Small Round Disc Pendant

Adjustable Silver Couple Moon and Sun Promise Ring set

Sun Ring Jewelry

No 2 in the list of Sun Ring Jewelry – Are you puzzled about where to find such cute and lovely couple jewellery at such an affordable price? 

We at the colourful aura have the ideal couple jewellery for you to explore, so don’t worry and stop looking. Every piece of jewellery we sell is entirely handmade and comes from a small UK company.

This ring has a very distinctive and beautiful design. The ring has a very attractive sun and moon pattern. The ring is made of silver, which gives it a very opulent appearance. 


We have the ideal present for you to give your partner in order to make them feel extra special and loved. Who doesn’t adore a nice set of rings to enhance their appearance and to honour their union? Order Now Adjustable Silver Couple Moon and Sun Promise Ring set


Sterling Silver Sun Moon Dainty Statement Huggie Slim Unisex Punk Hoop Earrings

Sun Ring Jewelry

No 3 in the list of Sun Ring Jewelry – The style of these two matching sets of tiny hoops dispels any hesitation about buying them. It provides a simple yes or yes response. Hoops made of sterling silver that sparkle due to their polished, white surface.

Handmade with a caring touch and altruistic intentions. Either of the silver hoops has a moon or sun engraved on the metallic base. These Statement hoops are sold in pairs, one of which is engraved with a sun charm and the other with a moon charm.

Beautiful circular base with a round shape. crafted in a minimalistic, contemporary manner. enhancing your appearance and making you fashionable. Adorable, making the silver hoops act as a timeless beauty to spruce up your minimal appearance. Order Now Sterling Silver Sun Moon Dainty Statement Huggie Slim Unisex Punk Hoop Earrings

Yellow Stainless Steel Sunflower Daisy Floral Dainty Flower Boho Stud Earrings 

Sun Ring Jewelry

No 4 in the List of Sun Ring Jewelry – You would want a pair of these studs after seeing their design. The sparkling studs feature a flower with seven petals that is expertly crafted.

These flower studs are ideal for your summer jewellery collection. Although the petals of these studs have a golden base, the colour will vary depending on your preference. We offer black, pink, purple, green, white, and red among other colours.

The summer heat is no match for these tiny studs. When one would prefer to tie their hair up rather than let it down. The screw-back closure on these studs is included. Using the closure, secure around your earlobe. Order Now Yellow Stainless Steel Sunflower Daisy Floral Dainty Flower Boho Stud Earrings 

Explore Our Other Handmade Collections 

Our collections include everything from pieces inspired by nature that capture the splendour and power of the sun to extraordinary, layered designs with incredible symbolism. 

Our rings will dazzle whether you prefer a traditional boho look or something more contemporary and stylish. With sizes ranging from 5 to 9 in both US and UK sizes, find your ideal fit. Sun Ring jewellery can bring you joy right now!

Also, don’t forget to check our other handmade collections including all kinds of jewelry. We are sure that they will win your heart in every case. Also Check Daily Updates on Our Local Business Listing of The Colourful Aura