Halloween look

While jewellery can be exceptionally beautiful, what makes jewellery so special is that it can catch attention to a woman’s natural beauty. No outfit is complete without a pretty jewellery piece.

In recent times, the trend toward a more natural look has meant that jewellery is less about artifice and more about enhancing a woman’s natural beauty. The focus is on the overall perception of a woman rather than exuding a showpiece. The key here is matching – not overpowering – one’s surroundings. 


The piece should enhance your attire as well as draw attention to your best features. To accomplish this, it is important to choose jewellery that compliments your overall look rather than something which distracts from it.

How to choose the right jewellery

  1. Match your jewellery to your attire. Your jewellery should be reflective of the style of your attire. If, for instance, you are dressing up in a traditional Indian sari or saree, then it is important to ensure that the jewellery you choose is reflective of this look. Coloured stones and gemstones look great with any wardrobe pick.
  2. Selecting all one metal or colour can make a bold statement About Your Style. If you are dressing up in a more formal ensemble then it can work to wear all gold or silver pieces. This will make a statement about your natural style and will draw attention to the most striking parts of your body. However, if you are dressing up in an informal outfit then it can be safer to avoid all colour pieces.
  3. Find the right accessories with which to compliment your overall look: Simple Accessories Add Style. You can easily enhance the appearance of any outfit by adding a little jewellery into the mix. For example, if you are wearing a simple blouse and trousers, then try adding some statement pieces like hoop earrings or perhaps even a pendant necklace. These small accessories will instantly make your look appear more stylish and make you stand out from other women on the street who might be wearing similar pieces but without all the attendant accessories.

Here is some jewellery to complete your spooky Halloween look.

Gold Evil Eye Zircon Charm Bracelet

The Gold Evil Eye Zircon Charm Bracelet  is something you can’t resist from. Adore this beautiful piece of bracelet on your wrist while enjoying the Halloween parade.

Indian Nazaria bracelet


For our black and gold fanatics, this Indian Nazaria bracelet is what you need. Halloween is all about going dark and unearthly and to match your dark outfit The Colorful Aura presents you with this beautiful black beads bracelet.


Hamsa evil eye hand drop earrings

Halloween is the period to heave your hair back in a bun or a ponytail and play with spooky braids. We at The Colourful Aura cater for you with the best earrings. Be it minimalistic or bold, we have all that you want. Get the Hamsa evil eye hand drop earrings from The Colourful Aura.

Lucky evil eye Necklace

The evil eye comes loaded with meaning and symbolism that extends across religions and cultures all over the world. You can attract positivity and good luck even in the Halloween season for your life when you wear the lucky evil eye Necklace.

Multicolor Evil Eye Sideways Cross Necklace

Complete your Halloween look with this Multicolor Evil Eye Sideways Cross Necklace that will add a little of minimalistic charm to your dark spooky Halloween fit.

At The Colourful Aura, we bring to you an exclusive range of jewellery for every occasion. With a minimalistic design and boho-style vibes, jewellery at The Colourful Aura is worth drooling over.