German silver nose ring

Nose piercings are in vogue and have several traditional significances. On a wider term, nose piercing can be on both or one side of the nose and not just that it can also be on the inner curve of the nostril, which is understood as a Septum piercing. Some of the nose jewellery women love to wear are minimal diamond nose studs, gold or silver nose rings, oxidised silver nose pins, and it is moreover a valuable part of the bridal jewellery lookbook. Bridal nose rings look astonishing and amplify an incredible cultural sense to a bride’s whole beautiful look. If you are someone who is considering giving yourself a nose piercing but is in doubt considering what type of nose jewellery you must be trying, then keep reading to free your doubts.

The four most widespread and gorgeous nose jewellery styles via which you can wear your nose pin to enhance your beauty are:


Fishtail Nose Pin

These are upright in shape with an extra length. These are effortlessly customizable from the jewellers as per your needs. There is no orb or screw at the edge of a fishtail nose pin to keep it in place, instead of this an L-shaped edge can be created to maintain the nose jewellery steady in its spot after wearing.

Nose Ring


Nose Rings or nose hoops are generally accessible in platinum, surgical steel, silver, titanium, gold metals. Nose pins give you a very intense look. Most of these nose hoops have a free ending or a small hook to close the other end of the nose hoop or pin. This definitive style of nose jewellery is accessible in different sizes and thicknesses, is soft on the nose and hence is a good alternative for an individual to wear if they are still in the way of healing your piercing pain. The design of these nose hoops are available in a wide range be it minimalistic for a lunch date or extravagant for your wedding, nose hoops anyway make you look breathtaking. In an Indian wedding, the nose ring of the bride is the centre of attraction.


Nose Bone

This one is suggested for a thoroughly healed piercing since there is a small bulbous ball-like structure on the edge of this nose ring that is there to maintain the nose pin at its place after wearing.  Popping out and in of this nose bone can be a little uncertain because of the ball top nevertheless the pin is entirely straight in design.

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