oxidized nose pins

Nose pins have been one of the significant jewelry pieces for ages. It’s traditional however, many modern women and young girls completely love the idea of wearing nose pins every day. Nose pins are perhaps the most common and elegant form of jewelry.

Nose pins vary in size, shape, and material. The most popular styles are the ones that resemble flowers, stars, or hearts. Most nose pins are made out of silver or gold, which is reflected in their price. Be sure to look closely at the designs on the nose pins before purchase; these designs will range from simple to complex and elegant. The Colorful Aura brings you a wide variety of oxidized nose pins to choose from.


Antique Quality Oxidized Nose pins

These silver oxidized nose rings look so traditional yet so elegant. They are perfect to be worn at the Christmas party and can also be used in everyday life. Many believe that wearing nose pins can bring good luck and prosperity to them. So if you’re a woman who decides to wear nose pins regularly, you’ll receive more blessings from your loved ones and friends.

German Silver Nose Ring

Adore your Christmas outfit with this set of nose rings. These small minimal in design nose rings are perfect for any Christmas outfit. They’ll enhance your beauty and are handmade with care and precision. At The Colourful Aura, we provide exquisite jewelry. We have a wide array of oxidized nose pin collections for every occasion. Be it a Christmas date or party, you ask for it, we have it!

Origin of nose rings


There are many questions regarding the use of nose pins that have been asked by men as well as women. The purpose of wearing a nose pin is not clear to anyone. But there is no doubt that a nose pin has been used in India since ancient times.


From ancient times, the nose pin was used to enhance the beauty of the bride during her wedding ceremony. Nose pins are decorated on both sides of the face with flowers on them. This makes them more attractive on the wedding day. In Indian culture, it is very auspicious for wearing ornate jewelry, especially folds and silver which are thought to be auspicious metals. A nose pin on each side of a woman’s face or a single one in between her eyes or above her lips looks great and gives a look that is quite outstanding.

In Indian culture, wearing a nose pin gives protection from evil spirits and spirits known as “Raksha”. It is worn not just for decoration but also for protection. Nose pins are used as the symbol of beauty, status, and power.

There are many beautiful varieties of nose pins that are available at The Colorful Aura. When it comes to wearing nose pins, there are several different shapes that you can choose from. Bag some pretty nose rings from The Colourful Aura and be the star at anyone’s Christmas party.