personalized photo locket

personalized photo locket:

A locket is an extraordinary personal piece of jewelry. It has a particular meaning to the wearer, no matter if it was a present or something they picked up for their own, it always has a special meaning. A locket has many purposes, it can be used to keep a photo of someone important to you, or used to hold a particular piece of jewelry. Lockets are traditionally made out of silver or gold, but nowadays you can find them in almost any material.

The common shape of a locket is oval. Most lockets are closed with a hinge on one side, but some are closed with jump rings or other methods.


Lockets come in various sizes and shapes depending on the purpose they are supposed to be used for. A locket can be made by yourself using sheet metal soldered together, or it can be bought in jewelry stores. The quality of the locket is determined by the material it’s made out of, the choice of metal, and the skill of the craftsman. Lockets can be made in two main ways, by hand or with a machine.

The process of making a locket requires many intricate tasks that should be done by an expert jeweler. The first step is to cut out one piece of metal that will become part of your locket. After that, you should use various tools and other equipment to form any details you want on your lockets. We at The Colourful Aura, work with utmost precision, and not just that our customized photo pockets fall under a very affordable category. Make the Christmas gift special for your loved ones with a personalized photo locket from The Colorful Aura. Here are some options you can choose from:

Personalized Photo Album Locket,


The locket is solid brass and the fine chain and clasps are high-quality gold plated brass. We can personalize this locket for you, using a carefully designed technique to transfer your photographs onto the metal of the pendant.


Personalized Photo Locket

This oval handmade solid brass and the fine chain photo locket oozes out the 90’s vibes. If you are an Old School lover, this locket has to be your pick or gift this locket to your loved ones who are absolute Old Schoofanaticsic with a memorable memory inside.

Personalized Photo Locket

Love vintage? Well, this big handmade personalized photo locket has all vintage vibes. With a minimalist style yet bold this locket holds the power to make you fall in love with it. Gift this to your loved ones who love vintage, we bet they’ll love this locket a little more than they love you.

Personalized Photo Heart Locket

The locket is solid brass and the fine chain and clasps are high quality gold plated brass. The heart shape of this locket can literally have anyone’s heart on it. Gift this to your loved one’s on Christmas and make this Christmas memorable.

Personalized Photo Album Locket

This locket speaks a lot about itself. The dainty minimalistic design of this locket is the ultimate showstopper. Photo lockets have a remarkable elegance and appeal that has given this accessory a high bar in the jewellery world. Gift this to your loved one’s on Christmas who loves statement jewelry.