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Home Rings Multifinger Rings 4 Piece Silver Bohemian Butterfly vintage Tribal midi Stackable rings Ring

4 Piece Silver Bohemian Butterfly vintage Tribal midi Stackable rings Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Metal Alloy
  • Gem colour: White
  • Band colour: Silver
  • Style: Boho & hippie

SKU: SKU0664

Style- Boho and hippie
Material-Metal alloy
Band Colour- Silver

Modern jewellery clearly taught one important thing. That jewellery doesn't always need to be fancy or ornate to sparkle among the crowd. The reason you don't find classy, professional jewellery decorated fancily. Some still hold the misconception of allowing only these ornate accessories. Meanwhile, turn a blind eye to the lustrous, chic contemporary jewellery. One can say their taste is limited.

Henceforth, to change this conception, what we bring forward will definitely solve the issue. Today, get familiarised with our latest '4 Piece Double Butterfly Ring'. Introduced in the market with the intention of spreading fashion and being added in the trendy collection.

Features of 4 Piece Double Butterfly Ring -

The availability of this respective ring set comes in a polished and sparkling silver. The set of boho rings structures out from simple metal alloys. The added feature being that these metallic rings are then electroplated with silver.

This is also the reason why one needs to be careful not to let the ring set to be in contact with water. The rings are of different designs, and different sizes. One of the multi-layer rings, with the butterfly decoration on it, comes with the adjustment feature. While the other three rings are offered with different art styles. One is plain and delicate. Likewise, the other three can be easily used as half-rings with the size differentiation.

What more is there to wait for? Doesn't this look like a pretty cool fit for your beautiful fingers? If you are looking for a gift to lighten one's mood, or if you just want an addition to your collection, or better, if you want an item for a more thorough occasion, get your beautiful finger's on it before time runs out.

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