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Home Rings Toe Rings 925 Silver Band Boho Thumb Enamel Blue Midi Band Toe Ring

925 Silver Band Boho Thumb Enamel Blue Midi Band Toe Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Jewellery style: Boho & hippie
  • Made to Order

SKU: SKU0975

Toe ring wearing is a very popular and important tradition in India among women. The second toe is where married women most frequently wear toe rings since it is said that the second toe's nerve leads towards the uterus and travels through the heart.

toe rings is know as Bichiyya in Hindi and  in malayalam - Minji and many more names are given to these toe rings. Name toe rings whatever you want, but one thing they all have in common is the style and elegance they will bring to your feet.

In general, toe rings are made of silver rather than gold because gold is considered to be of high rank and is not permitted to be worn just below the waist. It is customary in many Indian cultures for the husband to place toe rings on his bride's feet. It is typically sold in pairs. Explore our huge collection of trendy and aesthetic jewellery to fall in love with jewellery. Take a look at today's product. 


Today we got a very elegant pair of thumb-toe rings for you "Enamel blue toe ring." If you ever wonder how you can simply make your feet elegant and chic, all you need is an alluring pair of thumb-toe rings. This toe ring is 100% handmade with attention to the smallest details to give you the best shopping experience. Everyone needs to upgrade their jewellery collection with all the latest jewellery trends. 

These thumb-toe rings are made of sterling silver, which makes the toe ring look very aesthetic and luxurious. A thumb ring is the easiest way to elevate your feet in just seconds, and the design of this thumb ring will surely grab all the attention. The thumb ring has traditional engraving all over the ring and has a very vibrant blue enamel colour which will make your feet stand out.

This toe ring is adjustable to fit you perfectly. How many more reasons do you want to add this thumb ring to your jewellery collection? Buy this thumb ring today before it sells out.

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