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Home Jewellery Rings 925 Silver Green Red Oval Stone Bohemian Foot Midi Toe Ring

925 Silver Green Red Oval Stone Bohemian Foot Midi Toe Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Jewellery style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0967

Do you ever wonder how to elevate your feet and make them look very classy and chic? One must think wearing an anklet will solve it all, but that is not it. But anklets are not it; you need something more. What if I told you that wearing a toe ring is all you need to beautify your feet? 

A toe ring will instantly add some chic elegance to your feet. The toe ring will make your feet look very feminine and alluring, a good pedicure is all you need to complete the look. Wearing a toe ring can also be beneficial for your health. It is said that the toe ring regulates your menstrual flow, which in turn helps with one's reproductive health. 

We have curated a large collection of trendy and chic jewellery to match all of your outfits with the colourful aura. Explore our huge collection of trendy and elegant jewellery at an affordable price. 


We have brought a very alluring and elegant toe ring for you. Everyone deserves such trendy jewellery that they can pair with all their outfits. This toe ring is 100% handmade to give you the best online shopping experience. Toe rings will instantly add elegance and aesthetic appeal to your feet.

Whether you are wearing a casual or dressy outfit, you must complete your look with such jewelry. These toe rings are made of 925 silver, giving them a very elegant and classy look. Whether a small family event or an official work event, these toe rings will suit all your occasions. The design of this toe ring is very unique and attractive. The toe ring has a green and red stone, which adds a colourful touch to the ring.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect ring size, so we have the perfect adjustable ring for you that will fit you perfectly. Everyone needs to add such trendy and chic toe rings to their jewellery collection without giving them any thought. Buy these trendy and elegant tow rings today and flaunt them among your friends.

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