925 Silver Plain Thin Chain Necklace, Sterling Silver Minimalist Necklace, Thin Unisex Plain Silver Choker Lobster Claw Necklace


  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Necklace length: 16 Centimetres
  • Materials: Silver
  • Closure: Lobster claw
  • Chain style: Snake
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Made to Order

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We often wonder why one would want to switch to new trendy jewellery and not wear our old traditional jewellery. But for all our jewellery lovers, we need to tell you all the advantages of buying trendy minimalist jewellery. The most important advantage could be that minimalist jewellery is trendy and it is gaining popularity all over the world.

Another reason for upgrading your jewellery collection is that they are very lightweight and easy to carry, even for a long day. Wearing heavy jewellery can be dangerous for your health. And who doesn’t love to be in trend and look trendy? Summer is here and we all have to bring out our best outfits. Summer is all about trying new things and being the best version of ourselves.

So let’s upgrade our jewellery collection with all the latest jewellery trends. To help you with this hectic time, we are here. We at the colourful aura have a huge collection of trendy and fashionable pieces of jewellery that you don’t want to miss. Explore our website today and find your perfect pair.


For all you jewellery lovers, we have brought you a very alluring wave zig zag pendant necklace. The necklace is very elegant and classic. You can pair it with any outfit and it will amp up your style in just seconds. The necklace is very modern looking. Be it a college student or working woman, we all need some elegant and aesthetic pieces of jewellery in our collection.

The necklace is made of sterling silver, which is a very luxurious material and will look very classic. The necklace has a dainty chain and has a wave pendant on the bottom. Don’t miss this necklace and upgrade your jewellery collection. There is always a need to style up our outfit, whether it is a small family dinner or a big fancy event, and now you have the perfect thing.

The necklace length is 46 centimetres but can be adjusted according to your liking and mood. The necklace will definitely add some style and elegance to your outfits. The necklace can amp up your casual looks as well. Why wait? Buy this necklace today and be summer ready!

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