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Adjustable Butterfly Ring Dainty Animal Stackable Index Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Alloy
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0797

Style: Minimalist

Materials: Metal alloys

Band colour: Silver and Golden 

Butterflies have a long symbolic history in today's world. They are thought to represent change and transformation, comfort, hope, and positivity all throughout the globe. They are such a blessing in a spiritual way too. Butterflies are so popular that even women's and children's jewellery comes with their calling.

Just like now, the butterfly jewellery we present today will spark your attention. With the meaning these winged species hold in a human's life, we have decided to take the initiative and give this accessory a sparkle with the modern look. If you like our idea, and want to see the details yourself, then don't hesitate. Just scroll down to go over the details of this 'butterfly charm adjustable ring'.

Features of Adjustable butterfly ring -

Doesn't the size difference really matter while choosing a ring? Of course, one needs to go through the many sizes a particular ring comes in. And when you don't find the appropriate size, you face the disappointment of leaving the ring without buying it. With' The Colourful Aura', your worry is useless. For, we bring for you this butterfly ring with an open band. Open band means an adjustable rim, and that's what you would need. To own a ring and not worry about the size? Doesn't that sound awesome? 

This adjustable butterfly ring comes with a dazzling base. Coming in with perfect bold colours. Aren't you a fan of the golden ring? We provide you the alternative of owning a silver band width ring. At our store, we provide you with both golden and silver choices. 

Not only that, but this adjustable ring also allows you the liberty to choose the butterfly charm colour. With options of pink and blue. If you choose a pink butterfly charm colour, the respective band colour is the polished golden. Meanwhile, if your choice is blue colour, the following band colour will be silver. We need to add the contrasting colours to make the jewellery attractive right? 

Order this promise ring as a Bridesmaid gift or just an adorable ad to your collection. 

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