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Adjustable Gold Hammered Bohemian Midi Foil Band Toe Ring

Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Materials: Silver
Jewellery style: Minimalist


Style: Minimalist

Band colour: Silver, Gold, Black

Material: Silver

"Following the rules ain't my thing" 

How much time passed by that we have always heard this exhausted line in any one drama /series? It's not a cluttered idea, not unknown to the populace. Time and again, people want to deviate from the normal. Fitting in like a white line is not their thing. And so, there are irregularities. 

Some irregularities are cool. Some are wasted, but the ones applied with art, never do. People prefer to stand differently from the rest of the crowd but always end up doing things in a group. To help you out of this obstacle, to help you stand out from among the crowd. To help you be referred as "cool" from your current crowd, to make you the next crowd-stopper. To fulfil such needs, we have arrived to you with a shiny surprise. 

With our thick band silver ring with the wrinkled foil design, you will be the next spotlight stealer. Stand out from the crowd with a classic beauty wrapped around your fingers. 

It's the perfect combination for a perfect accessory. Unsure? Go through the details below.

Details of Hammered Bohemian Toe Ring : - 

Sterling polished base going well with your casual look, perfectly marking off the trend. Designed with a decent pattern, giving the accessories an all-embracing effervescence. 

Want a choice of colours? Worry not, for we provide the ring in both golden, black as well as silver. The band colour is different according to your choice. Whereas, the material used is undoubtedly silver. 

A wrinkled foil design. You must have always seen perfect jewellery. Now, time to see the perfection in this wrinkled name toe ring. The uneven texture of this thick sterling silver ring is worth drooling over. 

With an adjustable band, this boho-styled toe ring is what you need. Consider this for the upcoming mother's gift, or collect this as a gift for yourself.

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