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Home Rings Stackable Rings Adjustable Sterling Silver Butterfly Animal Dainty Ring for Women

Adjustable Sterling Silver Butterfly Animal Dainty Ring for Women

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Gem colour: Green
  • Band colour: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0918

In the modern world, butterflies have a long history of symbolism. Around the world, they are believed to stand for comfort, hope, and positivity as well as change and transition. They are also such a spiritual blessing. Since butterflies are so well-liked, jewellery for both women and kids features them.

The butterfly jewellery we are showcasing today will grab your attention, just like it is now. Given the significance that these avian species have for humans, we took the initiative to give this accessory a sparkly, contemporary design. Please don't wait to inquire if you like our idea and want to see the specifics for yourself. To view the details of this "butterfly charm adjustable ring," simply scroll down.

We at the colourful aura have curated a huge collection of trendy yet elegant jewellery to complement all your outfit and event. explore our page and find your most loved trend at an affordable price. 


When picking a ring, does the difference in size really matter? Naturally, one needs to go over the various sizes a given ring is available in. You may also be disappointed by having to leave the store without purchasing the ring if you can't find the right size. Your anxiety is worthless in the presence of "The Colourful Aura." Because we have this open-band butterfly ring for you. to possess a ring and not stress with size? That sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

The base of this butterfly ring is brilliant and adjustable. arriving in the ideal, strong colours. You don't like the golden ring, do you? We give you the option of getting a ring with a silver band.

We provide both golden and silver options in our store.
Additionally, this adjustable ring gives you the freedom to select the colour of the butterfly charm. with pink and blue variations. If you select a pink butterfly charm, polished golden is the appropriate band colour. The next band colour will be silver if you choose blue as your colour of choice. To make the jewellery appealing, we must add the opposing colours, correct?
Purchase this promise ring as a sweet addition to your collection or as a Bridesmaid present.

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