Adjustable twist Mobius Silver Plated Cuff Band, Irregular Wave Twist layered Infinity Jewelry


Handmade item
Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Materials: Silver
Style: Minimalist

Which ring suits an outfit best?! 

It’s an age-old favourite question of women. Give them a wardrobe filled with accessories. Well, maybe two or three wardrobes. The most trendy question of theirs will always be ‘What to wear’. 

They are not ungrateful or such. It’s just that they need to consider all the up-to-the-minute fashion trends of the time. 

It’s not like you’ll not relate if you have evergreen jewellery. Some accessories are very durable, but one gets tired of it at some point. In the end, things go down to the current fashion. 

Bid a good-bye to worrying with the introduction of our new multi-layered sterling silver ring. Made with modern style to fit your ever-changing wardrobe. Deck up the various details the ring is customised with, you will get a perfect match for your forever headache on what-to-wear.

Features –

If you are up with the trends, you will know why silver rings are in demand now. These sterling silver rings open up a wide selection range. With their in demand want, they are even more generous with new designs. Simply because these rings fill the room for providing one with style. They imprint a deep impression with the bold stannic colour. 

For this, this chunky thumb ring we are talking about today is a sterling silver multi-layered ring. Handcrafted with pure silver. This multi-layered chunky silver plated ring generously sits in your finger. Giving you the cosy vintage punk vibes. This ring is available in two colour options – silver and golden. 

Slightly open to give you the liberty of adjustment. The large ring is perfect to rock your look. Be it a casual one or a classic. Versatility is in its design. Gift it or use it. A ‘yes’ to all. This large chunky vintage ring is bound to give your outfit the touches it needs!

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