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Home Jewellery Necklace Gold Silver Single Long Slim Bar Drop Y Shape Circle Interlock Lariat Necklace

Gold Silver Single Long Slim Bar Drop Y Shape Circle Interlock Lariat Necklace

Handmade item
Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Necklace length: 68 Centimetres
Closure: Lobster claw
Style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0468

Style- Minimalistic 

Closure- Lobster claw 

Materials- Metal alloys 

You must already know how there are categories in respect to the different styles in accessories. With over a dozen different styles and over a variety of designs. There comes a category of Lariat necklaces from our handmade jewellery collection.

A lariat necklace is a drop-down chain with a beautiful design. Usually, a long and linear style of necklace that has a gorgeous drop. It is mistaken as a 'Y necklace' since it resembles that shape. The chain ends in a beautiful drop at the meeting point. Does that interest you? Likewise, we too have brought our fair, lovely bar drop circle  Lariat necklace. 

Why don't you go through its details and find out more about the features our new bar drop Lariat necklace offers? 

Features of Bar Drop Lariat Necklace: 

Classical design with a clear finish. The lariat we bring to you today speaks of elegance. A cable chain of length 68 centimetres, making the perfect hanging drop. Available in both stannic silver as well as the dazzling gold. A refined quality alloy used in its making. The contemporary style of this bar drop Lariat sparkles evidently with its bold design. 

As a Lariat, the decent chain from one end connects to the chain from the other side with a circle design. The left side makes a 'Y' with the right. When looped round the neck, the right side with it's circle connecting leaves the left side with an elegant drop. The hanging chain ends with a linear and thicker line, appearing  a bar drop. 

This bar drop circle boosts your modern wardrobe with a well polished quality. The decent design makes this Lariat a great addition to your stannic and polished jewellery collection. Radiating the contemporary vibes, the necklace goes well with the everyday life style. 

Mark this on your gift list and see the receiver get happy with your choice. A perfect gift as your summer jewellery. 

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