Mangalsutra Nazaria bracelet, Black beads Elegant Daily Bracelet, Indian Everyday tiny bead charm Jewelry


  • Handmade item
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  • Materials: Black Beads
  • Style: Minimalist


Want to go traditional? Match a traditional Indian bracelet with your modern-day look. Yes, a bracelet. The time immemorial wrist jewelry for you. Bracelets are seen as a fashion accessory. 

Do you know its origin? The origin of the term ‘bracelet‘ is from the Greek word- brachile meaning ‘of the arm’. That’s what a bracelet means. But in terms of the fashion world, how a bracelet is styled is what sets it apart from the others. And it turns the wearer more confident in their choices, impacting positively on their lives.

There are various types of bracelets. At ‘The colorful Aura‘, we offer an assortment of these categories. What we have come to you with today is a Beaded bracelet.

Without further wait, do go through the features of our new “Indian Mangulsutra Nazaria Bracelet”

About the bracelet: –

Designed out of thin and pure black thread. Black beads wrapped on the black string, with small beads making a comeback alternatively. Filled with alternative tiny beads beaded in between the large ones. Making them look more adorable.

An Indian version of the evil eye charm is the Nazaria bracelet. Mangalsutra, as it’s filled with black beads. The chain length is 7. 5 inches. Perfect as a lovely protection charm for your modern-day style. 

Fashioned with a minimalistic style, this Nazaria Mangalsutra bracket is what your wrist craves. 100% handmade with glistening large black beads, alternating it with the tiny ones. To look appealing to one’s eye. 

To maintain the lustrous beads, do go through our FAQ section or the Jewelry care instructions. We have put some specific guidelines for you and your bracelet care. 

Get the bracelet now, to enjoy the charming beads fashion with the mangalsutra charm.

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Bracelet Option

5.5 Inches for Kids, 7.5 Inches for Adults


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