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Home Jewellery Bracelet Black Beads Elegant Indian Mangalsutra Nazaria Tiny Beaded Daily Bracelet

Black Beads Elegant Indian Mangalsutra Nazaria Tiny Beaded Daily Bracelet

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Bracelet length: 7.5 Inches
  • Materials: Black Beads
  • Style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0095

Black Beads Elegant Bracelet

Do you wear a 'Mangulsutra'? Whatever people say, the importance of this jewelry in Indian fashion is widely known. It's a gold string beaded with black beads. Radiating an elegant aura, this piece of jewelry is always in the fashion. Throwing in some style from our side, making a beautiful, elegant bracelet. 

It's knowledge to everyone how adding a bracelet to your look can make one look dignified or jovial, etc, depending on your style. At 'The colorful Aura', we aim to do just that. Serving you with different stylish designs so as to help you with rocking your look. This time is no exception as we bring a "Nazaria Mangalsutra Bracelet" for you, filled with love. Do go through the details below. 

Details: - 

Fashioned with firm golden thread decorated over with polished tiny black beads. A beautiful variety of color. The length of the golden thread is perfectly 7.5 inches with no extra modifications. 

Minimalistic inspired products normally give a modern feel to the jewelry. And the same goes with ours. Didn't we say we'll add the style? Not betraying anything we said, the Nazaria Mangalsutra Bracelet is designed with a charm of modernity. An elegant charm for you.

Purely handmade using the tiny and glistening black beads for a daily use. Order now, as a protection charm for yourself. You can even gift someone such a stylish charm!

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