Blue White Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace, Silver and Gold Turtle Charm Necklace, Resin Turtle Boho Necklace for women


Handmade item
Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Necklace length: 50 Centimetres; Pendant height: 3.5 Centimetres; Pendant width: 2.5 Centimetres
Materials: Alloys

->Style: boho and hippie 

->Material: metal alloys 

->Colour: golden or silver 


If there’s one thing you need to imprint in your mind, it’s the fact that trends are always evolving. They are never constant. The trend of today might not be the trend of tomorrow. Rather, it can be on the 4th day. You see, trends are always unpredictable.

How to know if your outfit goes with fashion of to-day? Simple. Renovate your wardrobe with a sprinkle of new accessories/ outfits matching the contemporary style. That doesn’t mean you need to get every single fit with a boho-styled or a minimalistic style to name. Having variety is also a good pace. To keep you on the lookout for every possible trend, we have brought something worth your time. Something you won’t ever regret buying. Go through the details for this Sea Turtle jewellery- which is the necklace.

Details: –

Completely handmade. Our new designed necklace comes with a fresh wave of summer and the rejuvenating cool sea breeze. That’s what it means to own sea-inspired jewellery isn’t it? 

The necklace comes with a cable chain. A total chain length of 50 cms. The pendant height is 3.5 cm while its width is 2.5 cm. Aren’t you a fan of the golden colour? It’s alright, we have brought a silver chain choice for you. If golden isn’t up to your tastes, silver will definitely lighten your mood! 

Handmade with a boho, hippie style. Designed the turtle with metal alloy, adding it the covering of resin. Resin art, the latest ongoing fashion in creativity. With contrasting colours like the dark, navy blue and white. 

Conveying a juvenile essence, stirs your comfort fit to a new-level. Made of metal alloys, hence, take care to avoid the contact with water. Or else, the probability of the accessory getting tarnished remains higher.




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