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Home Jewellery Glass Chains Brown Zigzag Printed Cotton Scarf Reading Detachable EyeGlass Lanyard Holder

Brown Zigzag Printed Cotton Scarf Reading Detachable EyeGlass Lanyard Holder

  • Handmade
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Cotton Cloth, Plastic Chain

SKU: SKU1031

Style- boho and hippie
Closure- Lobster claw
Colour- Available in 5 patterns

It's summer. The time for you to put up your shades as you try to prevent excessive and strong sunlight falling on your face. You may want to renovate your sunglasses collection for the stylish touches in this heat. While you are at it, won't you like to add extra details to your glasses?
This post pandemic-struck world teaches one the importance of a face mask. So much that a face mask is as important as your ID! In a world where face masks are becoming a necessity, you may want to add some colours to the otherwise bland look.
In both the above cases, the fashion need not be compromised. Among the many, there might be some minds thinking of having a stylish thong/ chain locking on your glasses. Doesn't that look historical and elegant? Well, we have the same excitement to introduce our latest 'Multicolour scarf sunglasses chain'. If you want an explanation for it, go through the description below.


There are always people who have a hanging chain locked to their glasses. This can be both conventional to them as well as fashion. Or, the recent trend says otherwise. What we bring for you is just that.
We provide this accessory in five different designs. You have the liberty to choose your loved design yourself. What we bring is a small chain holding the hook with a lobster claw closure, to close in on your glasses. The chain is only small, with the rest being the scarf. The patterned scarf is attached to the chain, while the chain with the Lobster claw will in turn be attached to your mask, reading glasses or the likes.
The chain is made up of lightweight plastic, this will help you with the weight assurance. The total length of this piece is 82 cm. With the length of the scarf being 72 cm. The likewise length of the chain ends with a remaining 10 cm.
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