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Home Rings Silver Sterling Ring Flat Top Moon and Sun Promise Couple Matching Ring Set

Flat Top Moon and Sun Promise Couple Matching Ring Set

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  • Materials: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Minimalist


We all know about engagement rings, but what is this emerging trend known as "engagement rings" among couples? The ring was given before the engagement as a symbol of devotion, love and connection. Now you'd think that means the same thing as an engagement ring, right? True, there are only some couples who aren't ready for the "right thing" or feel the need to label the relationship.

Still, many couples feel the need to commit to each other and show each other that it's not just about dating. Plus, engagement rings don't have the time pressure of getting married. For years, there have been things like promise rings or love rings. A donation promise ring symbolises a sincere commitment one person makes to another.

In some cases, the engagement ring is the messenger of the engagement ring. While this symbolises the promise of marriage, promise rings can also represent many other types of vows. We at the Colourful Aura have a huge collection for you to browse from.


For all our jewellery lovers, we have created a very alluring couple ring set. We present you with the moon and sun promise ring set, which you can get for your loved ones as a token of love. This ring set is 100% handmade to perfection for all our jewellery lovers. This ring is all you need to embrace your love for your partner.

The ring is made of sterling silver, which is perfect for jewellery as it gives it a very clean and luxurious look.  The ring has a sun and moon design, which makes it very aesthetic and chic. We all need to show our love to our partner in some way that makes them feel special.

We know that shopping for rings online can be hectic because of the size issue. Hence, we brought you an adjustable ring that anyone can wear. buy This ring for your loved ones and make them feel extra special on Valentine's Day. Don’t think about buying it before it gets sold out.

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