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Home Rings Silver Sterling Ring 925 Silver Enamel Colourful Floral Band Yellow Blue Slim Ring

925 Silver Enamel Colourful Floral Band Yellow Blue Slim Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Minimalist


SKU: SKU0796

Style: Minimalist

Material: Silver

Band colour: Silver

Ever heard of unisex jewelry? Now, get the chance to add such jewellery to your collection. Many believe unisex jewelry to be of new origin. Surely, the idea is indeed modern. With equal rights and value, there has risen a new trend. And that trend is in line with gender-equal accessories. In that, one is prone to find unisex jewelry, which tops the charts of nowadays. 

Today, we have brought such unisex jewelry for you. This ring offers versatility to both the genders. If you are looking for one such accessory, you have stopped at the fight destination. With no further wait, please go ahead to read the description of our latest ‘925 silver open slim ring’. 

Details of Floral Band Adjustable Ring -

It’s no surprise as to how a sterling silver jewellery will brighten your outfit. The ring we bring today has more features than its base. The base, which is made up of pure 925 Silver. This sterling silver band ring comes with a floral decoration. With colourful enamel embellished on the floral piece. The choosy colours of the enamel used gives a fresh vibes of the floral fashion. 

The unisex design of this ring increases its demand to lengths. This handmade ring has an open circular band. This open band is useful for the adjustment the ring comes with. Either make the ring wide or adjust it to fit your slim finger. Classical design with a clear finish. This unisex, open ring boosts your modern wardrobe with a well polished quality.

Given the floral design of this ring, along with its versatile features. Not forgetting, the pure, sparkling base of silver. This ring rises sharply in demands, making the stock deplete sooner. Order this for yourself. Add the equality charm to your wardrobe too. The decent design makes this silver ring a great addition to your stannic and polished jewellery collection.

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