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Home Rings Silver Sterling Ring Adjustable Dainty Silver Floral Slim Stacking Simple Daisy Ring

Adjustable Dainty Silver Floral Slim Stacking Simple Daisy Ring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Silver
  • Band colour: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Minimalist

SKU: SKU0799

Style: Minimalist

Material: Silver

Band colour: Silver

We have something to show you. And that's our new product for today. We provide you with an accessory that will blow your mind. A hot trending item for you. As the fashion charts say, this new jewellery gives the perfect contemporary vibes. For your jewellery rotation, we have designed the perfect fit. 

Wonder what we are talking about? Indeed, you would love to join in our excitement when you know the item we bring is none other than the new and popular 'Simple Floral Silver Ring' . And so, our floral ring which is also manufactured from silver. This two in one combo set has its details below. 

Details of Floral Slim Daisy Ring: 

Silver is a material that has a charm of its own. No matter the time, the fashion trend always holds silver in the list. Why not? When silver is the face of the modern and upcoming jewelries. And today, the jewellery we bring doesn't only deal with silver. Rather, as earlier mentioned, floral fashion comes in between. As already known, Floral charms and jewellery go hand in hand. From the earlier trends to the most recent ones, floral charms need to be in the list. 

In this simple silver ring, we are just blending these two trends together. Giving the ring a slight open band, for the ease of adjustment. Adjust the ring according to your size. The design of this ring is lovely, as well as adorable. This slim band ring comes in pure silver as already mentioned. 

The silver ring holds the design of the floral charms. With a liner line of silver structured flowers. The total flower pieces on the ring are a total of six. This adorable floral ring is suitable to go with any of your fit. Hence, the demand for this combo ring is increasing day by day. Hurry up for your order as the stock is depleting soon. Only seven pieces of this remain

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