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Home Winter Collection Antique Floral Oxidised German Silver Clip On Non Pierced Nose Pin

Antique Floral Oxidised German Silver Clip On Non Pierced Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Type: Ring

SKU: SKU0552

Style: Boho and hippie

Material: German Silver

Type: Ring

Ever wanted a nose pin yet couldn't, simply because you don't have a piercing? Adding a nose pin to your look holds the power to make you look bold. Or maybe traditional, if you chose a traditional Indian style one. Or how about tribal and oxidised? It's a trend among itself too. 

We have brought the latest oxidised trending jewelries for you. Truth be told, oxidised accessories are a thing of pure fashion. It's hot and trending, making its demand rise ten folds.

Embodying all the mentioned vibes in one, merging them together, we finally decided to bring out an exquisite jewellery piece for you. Not only does the nose pin we bring hold all the trends, it's also added with another feature. This feature is in full swing with the introduction of modern jewellery almost everyday.

To get well-versed on these details, you need to go ahead and read the description below. Get yourself indulged in the details of this Gypsy Indian jewellery. Add this in the cart, when you know it's a real show-stealer. 

Details of German Silver Clip On Nose Pin -

Manufactured with the special German Silver. Rendering you speechless with the highlight of the oxidised polished nose pin. This simple nose pin isn't only limited to a pierced nose. Rather, this oxidised jewellery comes with a clip on feature. No worries on piercing and whatnot. 

The design of this nose ring earns compliments. This comes with an antique and oxidised floral pattern. Latching on the nose with a polished and sparkling circular band like a ring. 

Handmade jewellery from bronze. Offers the wearer a versatility to mix 'n' match with any trend. Manufactured by a new and rising UK business. Get your lovely nose pin at the comfort of your home. This lovely oxidised nose pin is just a tap away from your mellow-skin. 

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