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Home Winter Collection Oxidised German Silver Big Round Clip On Nose Pin

Oxidised German Silver Big Round Clip On Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Oxidized Silver
  • Made to Order


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SKU: SKU0571

Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Oxidised Silver 

Type: Ring

Are you fed up with the repetition of jewelry design? And now, you are up for something new. Something fresh that'll swing in full gear in the market. We bring you just that accessory today, with a mark of new design. Yet, retaining all the contemporary yet traditional vibes. 

Mostly, traditional design with touches of modern never ceases to fall out of trend. Taking this opportunity, we have come up with a unique 'Simple design nose ring'. To get a full understanding of the design and the details of this new accessory, you can go through the description below.

Details of German Silver Nose Pin-

Would you prefer a stannic lustre to your nose ring? Giving special attention to your face accessory, we have taken careful steps to ensure a gorgeous and adorable nose ring to land in your hands.

This accessory comes with an oxidised touch to the bold and defining silver nose ring. A relief to the time immemorial worry of not wanting a piercing yet, wishing of owning such jewelleries. You'll find this nose ring with an easy option on clip-on feature. In other words, this nose ring can still be used despite a non-piercing.

The design consists of one of the most prominent fruits. Structured out beautifully, we have the fine grape dots design on the nose ring. Beautiful, isn't it? The pattern from the crafted grapes gives an adorable look to the else defining face jewellery.

Perfect blend of oxidised jewellery with the tribal vibes. German Silver has always been in demand due to it's reputation of holding the shine of the jewellery. Manufactured from German Silver, giving the nose ring an antique and stylish overall look.

You must hurry up before the stock lasts. You can order it to adorn your collection. Or maybe, you can gift this accessory to the one you hold dear. After all, what can be more lovelier than jewellery as a gift?

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