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Home Earrings Ear Cuffs Gold and Silver 3 Piece Non Piercing Adjustable Hammered Wire Ear Wrap Cuff

Gold and Silver 3 Piece Non Piercing Adjustable Hammered Wire Ear Wrap Cuff

      • Handmade item
      • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
      • Length: 2.3 Centimetres; Width: 0.8 Centimetres
      • Location: Cartilage, Conch, Daith, Earlobe, Tragus
      • Closure: Wrap
      • Style: Minimalist
      • Made to Order

SKU: SKU1045

Want some gift inspiration? Do you think it’s time to renew your jewellery collection with the latest trends? If that’s the case, We are here to help you. 

You can explore our varied range of collections. And among them, you will come across the minimalist styled jewellery. Which is, from A – Z, absolutely gorgeous. We just can’t stop designing new ones like how you can’t stop yourself from ogling on them! 

Henceforth, welcome to our newest favourite minimalistic helix ear cuffs. The ear piercings with requirements of no piercing! A multi-purpose jewellery landing straight in your hands... In your ears actually.

Details of Hammered Ear Cuff: -

Is your skin more suited to  Golden or silver? It doesn’t matter, the new ear cuffs we bring are available in both. Be it the sparkling golden or a polished silver, these cuffs are made adjustable. Has there been mention that these ear cuffs do not require any piercing at all? This allows even the people who don’t wish for a permanent piercing to wear the trend as they go. A piercing is not a requirement, hence, it doesn’t limit any person. Isn’t being limited lame? 

Decorate your cartilage, which means the ear, with style. Enjoy the trendy look with a hint of these beautiful earrings. A length of exactly 2.3 cm and a width of 0.8 cm. The measurements are made just right for the ear pieces to fit right on spot. 

Fashionable with a minimalistic style. Boosting your elegant look, making you appear classic and chic! Flipping out an youthful vibe to your already chic summer wear. Buy it as a gift or whatever you would like it for. These Minimalistic golden/ silver Ear Cuffs will definitely make you feel satisfied! And they don’t limit your use. Use it as a piercing for your summer and feel the trend. helix cuff piercing, cartilage ear cuffs

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