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Home Jewellery Glass Chains Gold Evil Eye Protection Summer Turkish Reading Eyeglass Chain Lanyard

Gold Evil Eye Protection Summer Turkish Reading Eyeglass Chain Lanyard

  • Handmade
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Evil Eye Beads

SKU: SKU0614

The elegant evil eye jewellery a protector against malicious envy and negative energy.  The invisible positive force provided by the Evil Eye charm is something that many people actively seek after. Being gifted Evil Eye jewellery is an indication of spiritual protection and a symbol of love and well-wishes.

The evil eye jewellery protects people from ill good eyes; they do have a different choice which has different meanings. It may be Evil Eye Necklace, ring, pendant, and lot more are available in different colours. Each colour evil eye has a different meaning and purpose.

Did you know that the dark blue colour is the traditional colour of evil eye protection that is good for karma and your fate protection. It also ensures you keep you stay in a calm and relaxed situation and also open the flow of communication to mingle with others.

Here we present the very beautiful dark blue evil sunglasses chain holder.


This mesmerising chain is beautifully made of evil eye beads. The chain has a unique shape of an eye. It is not your basic evil eye jewellery; there is much more to it. 

The detailing is precise because these chains are handmade. If you love to make a statement with your looks then this is the best chain for you. This chain will make your outfit elegant.

There is a light blue evil eye bead in the middle of an eye shape design. If you are someone who loves minimalistic fashion then this is the best option for you. The light blue colour of the evil eye bead compliments your skin tone.

The unique design of the chain will make it perfect for any age group. The chain comes in elegant two-colour silver and gold plating.

The chain is also available in different size options; that is from 55 cm up to 70 cm. The chain has silver alloys to make it look more appealing. To keep it safe from tarnishing avoid wearing it in rain and keep it away from water.

- Comes in with silver and gold plating
- You can choose the size of the chain based on your choice.
- We can consider personalisation requests please message us for that.
- Keep the chain away from water and avoid wearing it in the rain.

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