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Home Necklace Chokers Black Lace Triangle Gothic Victorian Vintage Emo Choker Necklace

Black Lace Triangle Gothic Victorian Vintage Emo Choker Necklace

Handmade item
Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Necklace length: 43 Centimetres
Materials: Lace
Adjustable length
Made to Order

SKU: SKU0412

Are you up with the trends? If you are, you should be able to know what we are talking about. The age-long trend among the fashion flow. Popular as a Halloween gift and suiting such dark themes. Did you get it?

Yes, we are talking about Goth. The trend which never gets buried among the fashion. Initially, Gothic referred to the mediaeval German people and their culture. Though now, the meaning of Gothic has been compressed to a ‘person earing dark styles and dark, dramatic makeup.

You must already know, the black colour is often than not referred to as ‘cool’ and is the main power run with Goth. So if you are up with this dark and cool style, we got you. We have emo jewelry to show you, which definitely will go well with your ‘Gothic look’.

Details of layered Emo Necklace: -

A double-layered gothic collar necklace to add beauty to your neck. Made with lace, to provide the rich Gothic vibes. A thick black lace acts as the upper layer. This upper layered lace also closely binds to your neck. Making it look like a beautiful emo choker. The second layer is rather thin. Carrying a delicate triangle pendant hanging from it.

This triangle pendant encompasses only about the boundary of a triangle. No extra decorations were made to let the triangle appear decent. This necklace comes with a length of 43 centimetres. The re-adjustment of 5 cm more is provided too. Accommodating just got easier with us.

This handcrafted necklace uses lace to retain an elegant vintage style. This accessory doesn’t require a special occasion to be worn. It can be worn with any style, and still look decent. Though, it’s best add-up for that Gothic look. It can also be perfect for a Halloween gift. This choker, with a vintage vibe, is all about rocking the gothic emo look. You can pull it off with an addition from our side, with a vintage emo Gothic choker necklace.

gothic necklace choker

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