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Home Winter Collection Oxidised Silver Round Antique Quality Clip On Non Pierced Tribal Nose Pin

Oxidised Silver Round Antique Quality Clip On Non Pierced Tribal Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Oxidized Silver

SKU: SKU0566

Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Oxidised silver

Type: Ring

What we have today will knock you over with excitement. With a traditional oxidised base and an

addition with the German silver. Rendering you speechless with the highlight of the oxidised polished nose ring . These Indian Gypsy jewelries are all in fashion now.

We have brought the latest oxidised trending jewelries for you. Details on Oxidised jewellery have always rippled the fashion flow.  Henceforth, the fashion trend has once again revived the oxidised jewellery frenzy. And now, it's all over the net.

Want an oxidised nose ring in your collection? We have brought something for you. A German Silver Oxidised nose ring! To find out more on this particular accessory, our latest 'Round Simple Nose Ring' , dive into the description of this dazzling item. 

Features of Oxidised Silver Round Nose Pin-

The Oxidised tribal nose ring we have brought today, will make you accelerate with the traditional vibes. Handmade jewellery from Oxidised silver. If you are wondering if this accessory is limited with only a sterling base, then count yourself as wrong. For, this nose ring comes to you with added features.

The usual traditional nose pins you find are limited and a requirement for you is the 'piercing'. Now, you don't need to worry about this. As our new nose ring comes with an easy clip on feature. Making it not-so-mandatory for you to have a pierced nose.

The design for this particular piece differs from the rest. A perfect round base, with geometric extending lines. 

This gypsy Indian jewellery is what your collection lacks. Have some traditional sparkles to your wardrobe. If you would like to gift wrap this petite jewellery, you don't fret. For, we provide you the service of gift wrapping.

Hurry up and order this nose ring for a fast delivery from us! Only a few are left in stock, choose yours from them!

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