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Home Watches Minimalistic Small Pearl Dangle Watch Strap Jewellery Accessories Charm

Minimalistic Small Pearl Dangle Watch Strap Jewellery Accessories Charm

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Style: Art deco
  • Made to Order



Materials-Metal alloys, and Pearl
Closure- Lobster claw

Have you had enough surfing through the various jewellery pages? What if we say we got a special piece of jewellery for you? An accessory you'll love. Have you ever thought of renovating the already owned jewellery of yours? For, if you didn't, now you shall think about it. And eventually, you'll own it too. The accessory we bring to you today has that charm to itself. Check out the accessory we bring, and decide for yourself.

The description quotes the details for our latest 'Pearl Watch Hanging'. Read below to find out more.

Features of Pearl Dangle Watch Strap-

Won't you love it when your watch is adorned with hanging pearls? With the introduction of our accessory today, you'll think otherwise. Today, we bring for you a special watch hanging. You already know of wall hanging. Watch Hanging is just the same, but instead of the immobile, solid rock wall, you can travel with a convenient watch and a decoration along with it.

Would you like a dazzling golden chain? Or maybe you prefer the stannic silver? Whatever your likes, we offer you the chain with an availability of both these colours. Comes with a gold-plated or silver-plated cable chain. The chain is enclosed with a lobster claw closure for your convenience and ease.

The hanging goes well with any kind of watch. With three pearls as the distinct feature, the hanging looks beautiful. These arranged white pearls hang from the watch strap in a cluster of three. It's our duty to bring you the best product with a high quality craft. With caution, we have taken extra care in providing you with the best accessory.

This hanging also make a good gift? If you are worried about what to give to your occasion friend or a family then add this to your cart.

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