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Home Jewellery Jewellery Storage Personalized Compact Soft Makeup Keepsake Trinket Keepsake Travel Jewellery Box

Personalized Compact Soft Makeup Keepsake Trinket Keepsake Travel Jewellery Box

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Length: 10 Centimetres; Width: 10 Centimetres; Height: 5.5 Centimetres
  • Materials: Leather
  • Jewellery type: Brooch, Earrings, Necklace, Pin, Ring
  • Can be personalised

SKU: SKU0408

A jewellery box plays a crucial role for someone who enjoys collecting jewellery and loves to keep all their jewellery in perfect condition. Jewellery is not cheap, they are expensive and hence we need to keep good care of all our jewellery. Water exposure can cause jewellery to tarnish or, worse, break for a variety of reasons and circumstances. Jewelry organisers are a great way to keep your jewellery organized.

There are various types of jewellery organizers, such as hard cases and soft cases, that can keep all of your jewellery in pristine condition. Even when you are travelling you need to keep your jewellery in a way that it doesn't get lost or broken, so why not get a hard case jewellery organiser.

We at the colourful aura work tirelessly to provide you with the best jewellery and jewellery organisers to help you be that classy, fashionable woman. Now you can look through our jewellery collection and get your hands on the most recent jewellery and jewellery organizer. See what we have in store for you today.


Are you looking for a good hard jewellery organiser that you can use to organise all your jewellery? All your classy and luxurious jewellery need some extra care so that they are always in the best condition. We have a very aesthetic and chic "personalized compact travel jewellery box." This jewellery box is 100% handmade to give you the best online shopping experience. 

The jewellery organiser is made of a very luxurious leather, which gives the box a very classy and chic look. The jewellery box is in a circle shape and has a zipper closure on it. The box has a compartment for rings and four compartments for necklaces or bracelets. You can even get this box personalized with your name on the top. 

The measurement for this box is - length 10 centimeters, width 10 centimeters, height 5.5 centimeters. The jewellery organiser has two colour options - white and pink you can even select whether you want some personalised name or not. The box can be the perfect gift option for your loved ones this christmas. Don't think anymore and just  buy this jewellery box today.

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