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Sterling Silver Zig zag Geometric Romantic Zircon Choker Necklace

Handmade item
Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
Necklace length: 46 Centimetres
Materials: Silver
Gemstone: Zircon
Adjustable length
Style: Minimalist
Made to Order
Dispatches Within 1 Business Day
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SKU: SKU0454

->Style: Minimalistic 

->Material: Silver and Zircon

->Colour: silver 

Sterling silver accessories are a must have for any. These jewelleries are bound to the top. They give the elegant and classic look for you. A blend of fashion and professional. 

Just like that, we bring you the "Geometric silver necklace" to enjoy. With its design and shiny Lustre, not to forget the Gemstone used. It's the perfect combination for a perfect accessory. Now, add in the fashion in its design. Lovely! Our combo is a max hit. Unsure? Go through the details below.

Details of Romantic Zircon Star Jewelry: - 

The design of this Zig Zag Silver Necklace clears any doubt of purchasing them. It gives a clear answer of a yes and a yes. Sterling silver base, reflecting with a polished and white surface. Washing off your worry for the perfect-size. This necklace we bring is candidly adjustable according to your needs with sizable width. The total length of the chain is 46 cm. Adding an extra 5 cms extension. 

Handcrafted with the loving touch and the do-gooder feelings. The metallic base is designed in a zig zig manner. Gorgeous Zircon Gemstone filling the geometric base. The zigzag comes in pure, polished silver in a wave design. The triangular formation of the zigzag ends in a continuous wave. The design is also used as a sign of romantic vibes. 

Gorgeous base with a triangle, wave shape. The cable chain holds the polished zigzag properly. Fashioned with a modern minimalistic style. Uplifting your outfit and making you trend among the fashion flow. Absolutely adorable, making the sterling silver necklace a thing of beauty. 

What are you waiting for? Stock up to have this geometric silver necklace before their stocks are sucked dry! And that means, be prepared with a set of this "sterling silver Zircon necklace" on this mother's Day. Surprise Your mother with a zircon special. A unique sterling silver Geometric necklace, UK based.


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