Silver hippie Toe Ring Set, Adjustable Silver Midi Band Dainty Zehen ring set, Red Floral Stacking Beach Tribal Toe Ring Jewelry


  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Jewellery style: Boho & hippie

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Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Silver

Band colour: Silver

You may already own pairs of dainty, toe rings by now. If you don’t, this accessory is just made for you. Even if you do, there’s no specific reason for you to miss out on this beautiful, dainty toe ring.

The feature of this toe ring is available in the description below. You can readily go through them and find the details of this unique and lovely product below. This ‘Red Zehen Toe Ring’, is manufactured from a very popular Zehen art style. This art style is not only popular with the jewelry industry. Rather. It’s used as a trending cloth in the textile industry. With a mix of this art style, along with pure silver base, this ring is sure to top. 

Features of Silver hippie Toe Ring –

The base of these sterling silver toe rings proves the material of making is highly important in a jewelry item. With that, we bring for you a special designer toe Ring. Emboding the delicate Zehen artwork on the shining silver base. The base of this toe ring is obviously manufactured with complete 100% silver. Providing a shine and glam of it’s own. The base along side it’s design is what makes this accessory stand out. 

The adjustable flexibility given by the open end of the wide cuff. This wide cuff gives an ample amount of space for a delicate Zehen work on this band. The art is done in red colour with a contrasting detail of golden over it. The Silver hippie Toe Ring, with an interior of polished silver and the exterior of red with golden art. 

The hippie, boho style makes this ring more preferable. The adorable stylish look the ring  gives off is the necessity for your  fashionable day look. 

Hurry! Order before the stock lasts. This ring is everyone’s favorite. You can witness this yourself by the depleting stocks. 

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