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Home Winter Collection Oxidized German Silver Peacock Round Tribal Clip On Indian Animal Nose Pin

Oxidized German Silver Peacock Round Tribal Clip On Indian Animal Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Oxidized Silver
  • Type: Ring

SKU: SKU0575

Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Oxidised silver

Type: Ring 

Traditional jewellery has its own spark. They usually own a completely unique vibe, which never ceases to amaze the eyes. One such identification mark for this remarkable traditional jewellery is the present trend of oxidised jewellery. 

Oxidised jewellery has always been popular among the fashion industry. There have always been admirers for this piece of fashion. Nowadays, with the various new designs and styles, people don't term oxidised jewellery as only a traditional fashion. Rather, with it's shiny and polished appearance, these jewelries are the trend of today. 

With the growing popularity, we have also decided to bring you such an excellent accessory. If you want to know what we bring, read below to find out more on our newest 'Oxidised Peacock Nose Ring'. 

Details of Silver Peacock Nose Pin-

What about German Silver? Are you aware of the shine and the high quality this silver provides? If you don't, hurry and look up the various amazing features it comes with. We provide you with the most trendy face jewellery of today, and that's our today's special nose ring. 

The nose ring we bring is a minimalist blend between traditional and bohemian vibes. The oxidised polished surface gives one the tidings for a traditional jewellery. Yet, the design of this nose ring speaks of the bohemian charms. 

The design of this nose ring is easily the most gorgeous. A peacock is usually considered the most beautiful bird, so much that this bird has been elevated to being a national bird. Choosing this detail, we have added this quality to the nose ring. 

You must hurry up before the stock lasts. You can order it to adorn your collection. Or maybe, you can gift this accessory to the one you hold dear. After all, what can be more lovelier than jewelry as a gift?  

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