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Home Winter Collection Oxidized German Silver Trident Non Pierced Clip On Traditional Indian Nose Pin

Oxidized German Silver Trident Non Pierced Clip On Traditional Indian Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Oxidized Silver

SKU: SKU0577

Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Oxidised silver

Type: Ring

Who says antique jewellery has an exhausted feel to itself? If so, it would be near impossible for people to wear such antique jewellery with modern designs. And that, dear audience, will cause great distress for jewellery enthusiasts. The fact you are surfing through this page also shows your love for jewelleries. Now, who doesn't like an accessory that shows a contemporary design while maintaining the traditional vibes?

We don't know about every one, but of course, you know you do. Henceforth, to answer the demands of our customers before it can leave your lips, we have brought such jewellery. A face accessory that has a modern design yet, follows an age-old fashion. 

To get a clear look on our newest 'Oxidised silver trident nose ring', read the below description on this item. 

Details of Silver trident Nose Pin -

Clear cut and precise, sharp shapely design is what speaks of contemporary or modern jewellery. The clear and elegant shine from the classical Silver is also another sign of modern art. What we bring today is not just oxidised silver base. Rather, it's blended well with the fashionable modern design of elegant and sharp art. 

A trident is well known for its unique and clear shape. It has its fair share of traditional importance and what not. Yet, in the contemporary world, a trident is usually seen as a bold look. Now, add this trident with the fascinating oxidised silver base. The resulting product is definitely fashionable. 

The nose ring we provide isn't only based on its base and the clear design. There is more to the added feature of it. And that lies with the convenience of wearing this face jewellery.

Contrary to the usual nose pin, this nose ring is the correct definition of a ring. With it's non piercing clip-on feature. You need not have doubts on ordering this accessory soon. As the stocks seem to fall soon. 

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