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Adjustable Simple Red Blue Lotus Silver Dainty Ring for Women


  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Band colour: Silver
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Boho & hippie
  • Made to Order

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Rings are timeless pieces of jewelry. For the right price, you can bring home an adornment that will stay with you through every decade of your life. But if your budget is tight and you want something a little more pocket-friendly, then consider buying a necklace as an alternative.

 It’s not only affordable because it’s smaller than rings, but also because it doesn’t require as much commitment as a piece of jewelry does. You can put on this accessory whenever and wherever — whether you’re going to school or out for drinks with friends — without having to worry about any amount of unsightly dings or scratches.

The rings are the finest jewelry that can be brought in your hand. Rings are the symbol of eternal love andare timeless in the fashion industry. The ring can be taken as a wedding ring or engagement ring or even for your casual wear. 


This ring is handmade with perfect detailing. These rings are made of sterling silver which makes them perfect. Any age group can wear these rings and look chic and elegant. The ring is perfect for all your outfits, be it casual or fancy.  Floral ring earrings are one of the most favorite choices for the bridal earring.

Wrap your finger in flowers with this Daisy Silver Adjustable Ring crafted by The Colourful Aura. A silver plated unique metal blend, evoking feelings of joy and happiness, the delicate design with sparkling gold effect that catches the eye. Wear this ring solo for everyday elegance for a fabulous floral summer look. A unique blend of high quality, precious metal, without the hefty price tag. It simply gives you the best quality for the best price.

This ring will spice your outfit in seconds. You can wear this ring at any occasion be it a family dinner or a big event. Casual wear is the new normal now, and these rings are the best way to spice your whole look.

Get these trendy rings for yourself or your loved ones. Be the talk of all the hot fashion topics by following the top trend.

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