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Home Rings Multifinger Rings 4 Pcs Bohemian Vintage Tribal Midi Slim Gold Stackable Ring Set

4 Pcs Bohemian Vintage Tribal Midi Slim Gold Stackable Ring Set

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Metal Alloy
  • Band colour: Gold
  • Style: Boho & hippie


Style: Boho and hippie

Material: Metal alloys 

Band colour: Gold

If we are talking about boho rings, we know it’s not only an essential accessory, rather, they are the other name of versatility. Commonly, everyday use means the accessory needs to have a decent design. A design which is not limited to just an occasion, a party or whatsoever. 

Solving this problem, there have been various rings for your everyday use. Rings with decorations, a silver design etc. We have also seen some knuckle-rings as a new, trending style. Why? We’ll show you in the details below for our latest ‘4 Pcs Multi Colored Boho tribal ring set’. 

Features: - 

With a bold band colour of golden, we introduce you to our new 4 pcs multicolour tribal ring set. These rings are just self-explanatory with the cool look they give. Available in Golden, with multicolour stones/pearls attached on the rim. These rings give attention to your petite fingers. 

Not just turquoise, rather, these golden rings are actually not just plain golden. These rings have tiny multi-colored stones/ pearls attached to them. Making them look exotic.

With different sizes, the rings aren’t just sizable to the end of your finger. Rather, the rings come with smaller and comparatively larger sizes for the flexibility of wearing them on different fingers as well as the middle or top of a finger. And not to stack all the pieces just in one place. 

Wear it as a casual jewellery, a beach junk jewellery set ready in your hands. The descent, round design and the attached, colourful stones of these rings make you appear chic with your outfit. Definitely for you to try this and not miss it! 

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