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Stainless Steel Gold Sun Moon Small Round Disc Pendant Necklace

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Pendant width: 1 Inches; Pendant height: 1 Inches; Necklace length: 16 Inches
  • Materials: Brass
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • Style: Art deco
  • Made to Order

SKU: SKU1165

Style- Minimalistic
Material-Metal alloy
Closure- Lobster claw

Are you searching for a new addition to your jewellery collection? Preferably, are you looking for a stylish, lovely hanging necklace with a starling circular pendant? If that interests you, stop here. For we are about to show you an adorable pendant of cosmic beauty with a choice of gold or pearl Chain.

A jewellery which will definitely make you go gaga with admiration. Was that an exaggeration? A full on No! It's a common reaction after witnessing the ethereal, refined piece of art.

That's right, for getting the details complete, we urge you to go through the below description.

Details of Sun Moon Pearl Pendant -

Available with a 16 inch size chain. Now, there's a catch. Suppose you wanted a pearl chain instead of a gold one? Or vice versa? There is a special attention to this detail. We don't restrict your choices. Henceforth, giving you a choice in your preferences.

You can order this gold plated rim pendant with a pearl Chain or golden one. Both of them are 16 inches long. The pendant, which is a main focus, has a whole pearl embedded on it with a tight attachment. The imprint of the cosmic heavenly bodies on the pendant. That is, a sun and a Crescent moon impression on the pendant. With a contrast from the pearly white chain or the golden chain.

The pendant's rim comes with a circular gold-plated boundary. The pendant's diameter is one inch. With a finely handmade quality and a charming design. Pair your pendant with a pearl chain or a gold one. We offer you a choice between the two. Choose according to your preference.

Pair this necklace with an outgoing outfit and look at the boost it provides. With the touches of elegance and a deep symbolism with white, this beautiful necklace embodies dignity. Order it as a gift or an addition to your collection, enjoy the beauty of this necklace.

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