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Home Earrings Drop Earring Sun and Half Moon Moonstone Wire Wrapped Boho Dangle Drop Hook Earrings

Sun and Half Moon Moonstone Wire Wrapped Boho Dangle Drop Hook Earrings

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Gemstone: Sunstone
  • Location: Conch
  • Closure: Ear wire
  • Style: Boho & hippie

SKU: SKU0266

->Style: boho and hippie 

->Gemstone: Sunstone 

->Materials: solid copper

Jewellery on cosmic beauty is all in the trend. Every piece symbolises something or the other. And manier times, these symbolic objects/ living-beings are imprinted in human minds. Likewise, jewellery with a sun and moon impression tops the charts.

There's just something alluring about them. Symbolism of these heavenly bodies goes back to good health, prosperity etc. Or it can be obscure and mysterious, which is still highly regarded. Even today, we have brought an eye-widening beauty. Get yourself familiarised with our new sun moon earrings. A carefully crafted design, which will leave you wanting more. 

Details: - 

Jewellery with stones are always in high demand. The sparkle a gemstone gives a piece of jewellery is beyond one's thinking. Gemstones never cease with the high quality, which stands unique to a particular type. Today, the earrings we bring you also have such a jewel embedded in their Dangle. That's not all, add in the intricate design and thar unique set. 

Handcrafted with attention to the tiniest details. The result? The earrings of course come out as a thing of beauty! With an addition of matching wired necklace to the intricate set of earrings. The earrings pair has a sun drop icon while the other has a half dangling moon. Ta-da! Now you have a perfect, stylish match with the alluring vibes. 

The earring dangles with a length of 4.5 cm and a width of 1.8 cm. The dimensions, making the earrings more visible and helping it dangle clearly, giving a perfect drop. 

The one pair of earring consists of a half moon with a moonstone  embedded in the centre. An intricate held pattern made from firm copper. These Moon Dangle earrings give such pure antiquated vibes. 

This moon set comes with moon dangle earrings, rocking the complete set. This set comes with a total necklace + earrings. You'll receive sun and moon earrings, which is again a perfect matching pair of earrings for a couple. 

Made with boho-style, the necklace gives rich Bohemian vibes. For further information, try it and see it!

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