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Home Glass Chains White Sun Flower Daisy Sunglass Reading Eyeglass Lanyard Pearl Chain Holder

White Sun Flower Daisy Sunglass Reading Eyeglass Lanyard Pearl Chain Holder

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SKU: SKU0650

With masks becoming a ubiquitous part of our lives, there's no reason to make the most of them. That is, to find a way to disguise them. Sure, disposable masks or simple fabric styles will do, but why not go fancy? Better yet, why not decorate your mask?

The mask chain is trending on Instagram, and for good reason. This style has become popular with influencers, fashionistas, and celebrities. The chain prevents you from having to hold the mask if you need to take it off.

Not just this, you can also wear this chain as your sunglasses holder. One thing, but two solutions, who hate being in trend and also being comfortable.

If you keep on losing your glasses, why not keep them safe with these aesthetic and elegant chain holders. A very trendy and aesthetic solution to your problem.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a chain holder for your mask and sunglasses from us.


This summer let’s upgrade our jewellery collection with some flower-inspired jewellery. Daisy flowers are a sign of purity and peace. Why not get such jewellery which has a deeper sense.

This sunglass chain holder is handmade with tiny detailing. There is so much to this particular chain holder which makes it so much better.

The chain has an elegant and alluring daisy flower. The chain also has elegant and gorgeous pearls. Both the daisy flower and pearls make the perfect combination and look aesthetic and alluring.

The chain has two primary colour options gold and silver.

The chain even has different size options according to your liking, the size can vary from 55 cm up to 70 cm.

To keep the chain in perfect condition, avoid wearing it in rain or near water.

This chain is the perfect gifting option, so why wait, get your loved one this sunglasses chain holder today!

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