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The colourful new stylish cotton strap watch collection!

cotton strap watch

When we gossip about watches, there are specific features that we define first—be it the colour and the dial to the functions. However, what most people ignore sometimes is the watch strap. The cotton strap watch is an essential part of a timepiece. After all, it holds the watch to your wrist. If the watch strap wouldn’t be there, we’d still be holding up pocket watches around. And we already have those in the aspect of our mobile phones! 

Even though some of our readers would surely adore having lived in that period (because let us be honest, how incredibly cool pocket watches are), watch straps simply take the utility of a watch up several notches.

Wristwatches and their connection to the 20th century 

Fastened with a buckle or a clutch, the first wristwatches were in generation at the middle of the 20th century—these were stylish accessories marketed precisely towards the ladies. The timeliest listed evidence of wristwatches can be tracked as far back as in the late 1790—when a watch was fastened to a bracelet. This design, though, was not all that prominent with the men of that period who liked pocket watches instead.

Wristwatches are no new, this wrist accessory is timeless!

Wristwatches were supposed to be too tiny, with men liking the big face of the pocket watch to know the time. And wristwatches were too delicate to be worn on the wrist. They were also supposedly too feminine for the husky men of the 20th century, probably due to their tiny proportions—a reality that seems so unusual today when a strap watch is more of an accessory for the wrist than ever before. Today, several materials are employed to craft watch straps and bracelets.

What used to be a closet staple both in daily apparel and high-fashion is presently being sighted as ancient by up and coming generations. The wristwatch is a time-honoured functional accessory that has primarily been replaced by cell phones, which can give not only the precise time but access to the world at large.

Versatility is the next name to wristwatches!

 Wristwatches are a classy and versatile accessory that can be the cherry on top of your outfit. 

If you do not need a reason to get yourself a watch with a stylish cotton strap, then understand the straightforward fact that they amp up any outfit you wear.  

And so, The Colourful Aura has an exceptional collection of watches with adorable cotton straps with minimalistic boho vibes for you to choose from. Be it flashy or subtle, we have all for you. Maybe it’s just a good watch with an exceptional cotton strap that’s missing to give you that contemporary look. Get one for you now from The Colourful Aura.


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