Black Friday Sale at The colourful aura

The biggest black Friday sale is here, fill up your cart with everything necessary. Here are the top five accessories that you need to have in your black Friday shopping basket:

Gold and Silver Ear Cuff Chain

Ear cuffs are big earrings that extend beyond the ear lobe to the upper half part of the ear, this fits around the outer rim of the ear.


The next time you want to create a pop of glamour to your outfit, instead of searching through your jewelry box for the perfect pair, consider trying out this Gold and Silver ear cuff chain from The Colorful Aura. It’s the easiest way to make any outfit more interesting and has all the style and flair you could hope for.

Just remember that not all ear cuffs are created equal – some will need special attention to stay put on your earlobe. Grab this beauty from the Black Friday Sale and adore them at Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Large Enamel huggie Multi-Color hoop earrings

The Colorful Aura Large Enamel huggie Multi-Color hoop earrings come with a metal tubing with a delicate wire attachment that enacts through the ear piercing. The loop is then locked with a tiny, flexible ring which creates the hoop. The earring is typically lightweight and easy to wear. These earrings are usually made of metal or plastic.


One of the most popular types of metal earrings is sterling silver hoop earrings, which are created with silver-plated wire. They are relatively affordable and classic in design, available in an array of designs ranging from basic geometric shapes to large floral clusters for women or Celtic-inspired tribal designs for men. Bag this pretty ear jewel from the Black Friday Sale and style them at Christmas and New Year’s parties.


3Pcs Printed Cotton Strap women wristwatch Set for Ladies

Wristwatches are a classy and versatile accessory that can be the cherry on top of your outfit. The Colourful Aura has an exceptional collection of watches with adorable cotton straps with minimalistic boho vibes for you to choose from. Be it flashy or subtle, we have all for you. Maybe it’s just a good watch with an exceptional cotton strap that’s missing to give you that contemporary look. Get one for you now from The Colourful Aura in the Black Friday Sale.

Golden Evil Eye Cross Anklet.

The Golden evil eye cross anklet chain features shiny gold links that shine bright and resilient against the black background. The detailed stripes on the sides are the uniqueness of this type of anklet. At The Colourful Aura, we bring to you an exclusive range of anklets for every occasion. With a minimalistic design and boho-style look anklets at The Colourful Aura are worth drooling over. Grab any you love in the upcoming Black Friday Sale.

Square Drop Lariat Necklace,

To anyone who loves dainty minimalist neck jewels, Square Drop Lariat Necklace is something you can’t resist. This has to be in your Black Friday shopping cart.

We at The Colorful Aura bring you the finest necklace and neckpieces in the town. Gift The Colourful Aura jewelry to your loved ones on Christmas and ThanksGiving. Style this jewelry on Halloween and New year. Grab them at great prices on Black Friday Sale.