Episode 2: about online selling landscape


If you're starting a new business or thinking of selling online, it's essential to understand your options. The online selling landscape can be likened to a blank canvas, with three main approaches. Rest the options are wides to choose from but let us take you on a journey of the colourful aura. To become one of the best jewellery stores in the UK.

Approaches we used to make our business flourish in a short period.

With success comes millions and trillions of thoughts to make it more approachable. We then kick-started our business and did a few things as beginners. Let's know more about the efforts it took from us to reach heights.

Selling on Your Website:

Having your website is often promoted as the best method for online selling. It gives you complete control over your brand image and customer data. Every aspect of your online business, including payment processing, is ensured with much more autocracy. However, starting your website can be intimidating and comes with its own set of challenges. You'll need technical knowledge or background to set up and maintain the website. Additionally, there are costs associated with hosting, updating, and maintaining the website over time. You can create your website over platforms like go daddy and many more.

Selling on Marketplaces: 

Another popular approach is selling on established marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. These platforms allow you to open your shop, upload products, and get started quickly with minimal formalities. One significant benefit of selling on marketplaces is the ability to test your products. You can analyse the market demand and verify if your product will sell before investing in your website. For example, starting on Etsy can give you access to an existing audience already searching for products. While challenges and costs associated with marketplaces are different. Such algorithms determining visibility and commission fees, provide an opportunity to test and refine your product offerings.

Fusion of Both Methods: 

The third approach involves combining the first two methods. Once you have gained confidence in your product's success on marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. You can reinvest the revenue generated into developing your website. This allows you to have more control over your business while benefiting from established marketplaces' exposure and customer base. You can expand your reach and increase sales by promoting your marketplace presence and website.


Each approach has pros and cons; the right choice depends on your circumstances. Starting with a marketplace can provide valuable insights and validation for your products while having your website offers more control and brand autonomy. You can combine both methods as your business grows.

Consider technical requirements, costs, maintenance, and audience reach when deciding which path to take. Ultimately, the first step in starting your online selling journey involves carefully assessing these options and selecting the approach that aligns with your goals and resources.

In future podcasts, we'll peep deeper into topics like SEO, product titles, and more to help you navigate the online selling landscape effectively.

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