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Order & Returns

1. What should I do if I receive a wrong or damaged product?

Our usual routine includes double-checking the jewellery at least thrice before our products are finally shipped. With a level best attitude that such things do not happen. Yet, in these rare circumstances, what you need to do is simple. We request you to contact us on contact@thecolourfulaura.uk or you can feel free to write about your query to us from the ‘Contact us’ page.

2. How much is shipping and how long will it take?

We provide FREE shipping across the UK with reliable, tracked delivery, ensuring your items arrive swiftly and securely within just 2 days!

For international Delivery we use DHL Global Mail and the delivery time for this is about 14-17 Working days.

3. What is the exchange policy

We provide you the freedom to return your purchase within 30 days, ensuring complete satisfaction and confidence in every item you choose.

Jewellery Care Information

1. Are promise rings and couple rings the same?

To say plainly, there is, but a small difference. Manier times, people often mistake the meaning held by these rings. Both are said to be engagement rings, yet these two hold a slight difference. A promise ring is a pre- engagement ring. They are usually worn before the proposal and a positive feedback. But that’s not the case with a couple’s ring. These rings are worn by the consent of both sides. These rings are worn before the engagement as well as after.

2. Why do evil eye bracelets break?

We need to understand that superstition is always associated with these evil eye charms. Culturally, if evil eye bracelets break, it either means bad luck or the evil focused on you. Yet, one needs to take good care of the bracelet before thinking so. Mishandling the jewellery and complaining while it broke doesn’t signify evil on you.

3. What is Sterling silver in jewellery?

As the name suggests, Sterling silver jewelleries are your trending silver accessories. These jewellery materials are actually an alloy. An alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. This measurement is usually used in making minimalist style accessories.  Also used in giving the perfect shine to any jewellery.

4. How do I keep my jewelry clean?

Store in a dry place, (ideally in a sealed plastic bag when not in use) and try to avoid contact with chlorine, perfume, sunscreen, and other chemicals.

You can clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth (Sunshine Polishing Cloths are the best! ), or by soaking your jewelry in warm soapy water and buffing with a soft dry cloth. Windex also works great as a metal cleaner!

5. What is the difference between ‘Fashion jewellery’ and ‘Fine jewellery’?

There is a soft line drawn between these two. As the name suggests,  fashion jewellery is designed only to meet your everyday fashion. Whereas, in fine jewellery, the material of making matters. Given by the name, finest material is always preferred in this type of jewellery and this is often expensive.  Whereas, fashion jewellery can be made of varying material, from stainless steel to brass. Again, this type isn’t really expensive and not guaranteed.

General Information

1. What do evil eyes symbolise?

While the history shows from the  ancient civilisations, this Evil Eye charm has always been traditionally, and anciently been adopted as a symbol of protection against harm.  Where an evil eye or nazar is inflicted on one person by another. Usually, the meaning of this jewellery is designed to harm another person. In short, the charm helps the bearer to deflect bad feeling or evil away and keeps the wearer safe.

2. Is it OK to give evil eye jewellery?

It’s perfectly OK, as long as the concept that magic doesn’t work in reality is clear in one’s mind. Some people only take these evil eye trinkets as the running fashion. Meanwhile, the rest believe evil eye jewellery as a means of protection. Ultimately,  that’s a clear ending on that line.

3. How to make fashion jewellery wearable for sensitive ears?

Sensitive ears can hurt or even infect with use of fashion jewellery. To avoid this limitation, there are ways for the earring, or it’s metal, to not react with the skin. The most basic would be to apply on your piercing and the area near it, some moisturiser, like a vaseline might help. In the meantime,  you need to avoid nickel, brass and copper. An even better alternative would be to use clip-on earrings like the ear cuffs etc. Lastly, don’t strain your ear.

4. Which type of jewellery is in trend?

Trends have always been revolving.  The hot trends of nowadays include traditional trends to thick and chunky silver rings. Ornate hoops are the next in line, while the layered statement necklaces are in waiting. You should try the protection charms too, these are ever trending. Dainty, flower jewellery has always hit the market with a fresh, trendy air.

5. What kind of earrings are in style in 2022?

The top winner has always been hoops. This time too, the minimalist earrings have been called in the charts again. After hoops, comes the contemporary pearl earrings. Even the statement earrings and the earrings with a celestial design are hot right now. These are the most anticipated trends of the following year

6. What does Boho jewellery mean?

Boho jewellery is always in trend, but have you had the question of what it is? Boho is just an abbreviation for bohemian. Bohemian means free-spirited, nature loving etc. From the two, we can say this jewellery style originates from pure tribal, ethnic and wild nature vibes. This jewellery style is well-known for its free-spirited and earthy nature. The benefit of this jewellery style? It gives one the freedom to try unique designs while being a main part in the mainstream fashion.