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Home Rings Couple Rings Adjustable Silver Engraved Couple Promise Ring Set

Adjustable Silver Engraved Couple Promise Ring Set

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom

    • Materials: Silver
    • Band colour: Silver
    • Adjustable
    • Style: Minimalist


A couple ring is a simple way of symbolizing the vows you make to each other. It's like a ring of jewelry, but it's made specifically for couples, and they mean something more than just an everyday piece of jewelry. There are many designs of couple rings, some incorporating your initials or your engagement date or even your wedding date. You could also use them as wedding bands after the big day has passed.

When to buy a couple rings?

Right after you decide you're going to be together forever is a great time to get a set. You can use them as an engagement ring or wedding band, or just a special way of showing off your love for each other. Some couples prefer to get them after they're engaged, while some prefer to use them while they're dating and then turn them into wedding bands when the day comes.

The pros of buying couple rings while you're dating include that they can be customized to perfectly represent your relationship. They can also be used for other purposes (wedding bands, nameplates, etc.) after the marriage.

Thin Couple Ring with a minimal vibe making this a sturdy and substantial ring. The shiny finish and minimal style make it a must-have to complete any fashionable look. Shine bright whenever you wear it. Delicate and timeless Affordable Luxury Jewelry.

The beautiful pieces perfect for giving to a special someone or as a gift for yourself.

• Adjustable Ring one size for all
• Made of 30% Silver and 70% copper, perfect for everyday wear
• Please follow the instructions provided on the "Jewellery Care Card" that comes with the packaging.

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