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Home Jewellery Storage Indian Handmade Women Traditional Vintage Wood Carving Trinket Jewellery Box

Indian Handmade Women Traditional Vintage Wood Carving Trinket Jewellery Box

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Length: 11 Centimetres; Width: 8.5 Centimetres; Height: 4 Centimetres
  • Materials: Wood

SKU: SKU0406

When we organise our jewelry, we often want it to look perfect. Do you know the best way to keep all of your jewellery organized?  Why not get a jewellery box, it will keep all your jewellery perfectly. There are many different types of organiser like cloth, plastic, or wooden boxes. Every woman needs such an organiser to keep all your classy and luxurious jewellery in.

A jewellery organiser has numerous additional benefits, including keeping your jewellery safe from mixing and in perfect condition. When you want any jewellery you can easily find it in one place. All jewellery lovers want all the latest trends, and we even need an organiser for them, so you need to buy such an organiser.

We have curated a large collection of trendy jewellery and jewellery organisers at the colourful aura. To assist you in keeping your jewellery safe, we provide chic handmade jewellery as well as jewellery organisers on our website. Discover the jewellery boxes we offer for you today and fall in love with jewellery organisations.


Are you looking for a jewellery organisation? You are at the right place; we today have "vintage jewellery box" for all our jewellery lovers. We understand how important it is for all the jewellery lovers to keep all their classy jewellery in the best condition. This jewellery box is 100% handmade with attention to the smallest details to give you the best shopping experience. 

The storage box has a very old and attractive appearance because it is constructed of wood. The storage box's lid features a stunning image of an Indian woman that gives a very aesthetic and traditional look to it. The box's border features carving on each of its four sides, which looks quite attractive. 

You can organise and store your jewellery appropriately with the help of this jewellery box. The measurement of this box is - length - 11 centimeters, width - 8.5 centimeters, and height - 4 centimeters. Don't think any more and just buy this jewellery box today.

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