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Home Earrings Hoop Earring Pure Silver Oxidised Single Ball Small Lightweight Dainty Unisex Hoop Earring

Pure Silver Oxidised Single Ball Small Lightweight Dainty Unisex Hoop Earring

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Silver
  • Location: Cartilage, Earlobe, Tragus
  • Closure: Threader
  • Style: Minimalist


SKU: SKU0330

Hoops are the most popular trend of 2022; there is no doubt in the fact that hoops have been one of the most popular. Don’t hesitate to try new trends; moreover, hoops are very versatile and elegant.

We can see celebrities and models are already flaunting the new hoop trend, so now no doubt that hoops are one of the best trends. There are so many different ways hoops are designed. Find the best pair that suits you the best.

Hoops can be customised with many things like pearls, tassels, beads, etc. when you add these elements to the hoops it brings more style to the hoop.

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Details of Single Ball Bali Hoop –

This summer, to add more style and statement to your jewellery we have brought you the perfect pair of hoops. These hoops are also called Bali because of their small size. Bali is perfect for kids, women, and men. Anyone can easily wear these Bali without any discomfort.

These hoops are made up of pure silver which gives a very clean finish to the Bali. These Bali are lightweight and easy to carry for any long day. These hoops are small, dainty Bali that will fit perfectly with any outfit.

The design on these very hoops is really very unique and different. The design is very vintage and boho, these hoops call for elegance and a chic look. The size of these hoops is 1 cm, which is the perfect size for Bali.

What are you waiting for, get yours while stock lasts. Get the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one and don’t miss a chance to be everyone’s perfect Santa.

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