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Home Winter Collection Small Floral Leaf Oxidised Small Non Pierced Clip On Traditional Nose Pin

Small Floral Leaf Oxidised Small Non Pierced Clip On Traditional Nose Pin

  • Handmade item
  • Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom
  • Materials: Bronze
  • Type: Ring

SKU: SKU0584

Style:Boho and hippie 

Material: Bronze 

Type: Ring 

In this ever-changing world, things need to be updated in order to work to their full potential. Likewise, comes the Jewellery industry. Where, it's important for you to enhance your fashion wear every day to be up with trends. To help you with this, we have brought an accessory which is similar to one already displayed, yet, this one is an updated version. 

We have brought the latest oxidised trending jewelries for you. It's hot and trending, making its demand rise ten folds. Know why? Because they are a thing of beauty with their sparking, polished surfaces.

Let's be clear, why don't you decide to try our new 'Floral leaf  Nose Ring'? This is not like the rest already in our collection, rather, it has a different design of its own. With the polishing and oxidised silver for a good contrast. 

If you are ready to dive in the description of this nose ring, then wait no more. 

Features of Small Floral Leaf Nose Pin -

This accessory is designed with bronze, German silver plated. This is designed to arrest eyes on the gorgeous and dainty nose ring. An appealing and perfect floral leaf attached to the oxidised nose ring. Available with the shiny lustre from the stannic German Silver. A lovely charm if you love traditional turned modern jewellery!

Handcrafted beautifully, decorated to suit your taste. The oxidised polish along with the tribal vibes. Not to forget the flexibility this nose ring provides one with. Boosting the jewellery value with the addition of a clip- on feature. 

If you think of adding this nose ring to your wardrobe, we would say it wouldn't be a better choice. It can even be a perfect gift if you are thinking of utilising this product for the gift list. Hurry before the stocks last, the stocks, which are soon decreasing given the huge demand of this hot nose ring. 

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