Bridal Asian jewellery

Bridal Asian Jewellery: unveiling the trends and its significance

Bridal Asian jewellery runs from various designs, patterns and customs and beliefs. The various ideologies lie behind every ornament in the Indian subcontinent. Jewelry of any region is deemed to explain the culture, tradition and history of any area. Let's scroll through this article and see what is the significance of bridal jewelry and its various subparts.

What is bridal jewelry?

Any ornaments that are worn by any bride on her special day and afterwards her wedding is known as bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry is worn as it has some historical significance. Also it accompanies the attire of the bride. This jewelry varies from terrain to terrain as the weather changes with regards to place so does this.

In some regions it is as simple as a ring and in some regions it is in terms of “solah shringar”.

Importance of wearing bridal jewelry:

In our continent utmost importance is given to the jewelry as there are various beliefs related. One such belief is that it protects the bride from the evil eye popularly known as ”nazar in the Indian subcontinent. Also this is deemed to be thought of being auspicious and is seen as a gift from the parents of bride and bridegroom in terms of dowry. The jewelry also has some emotional values as there are some traditional jewelry sets that are being transferred over generations to generations.

Reasons why SOLAH SHRINGAR is worn 

There are various beliefs and reasons why brides wear jewelry one of which is as it is a part of solah shringar beneath are a few parts of solah shringar and their significance in bridal attire running from head to toe:

Maang Tikka:

Maang Tikka is an ornament that is worn in the center of the maang by the bride. Mang is basically the partition of the hairs in two ways. Mangtikka is an important part of bridal jewelry as it is believed to have a sort of third eye is it and also it is traditionally believed to decorate the hairline and the place where the sindoor powder is to be placed

Hair accessories: 

Wherever we go or be, hairs are the most important part of our attire. They show the various personality traits of the person. In asian bridal jewelry hair pins, flowers and chains are used to give a changed look to brides hairs.

Ear rings :

In Asia there is a tradition to get the ears of the girls done and due to this  jhumkas or ear studs come to life. It basically defines the beauty of the bride.

Nose pin:

While traditional bridal jewelry comes to life, ‘naath’ cannot be forgotten in any case. The nosepin is inserted in the nose as it enhances the shape of the nose. Also it is a piece of jewelry that is attached to the string too and embraces the beauty of the bride.

Necklace : 

Raanihaar or the haar or neckchain are worn by the bride on her auspicious day to beautify her neck. It is a statement ornament which is worn by the bride matching her attire. Necklaces in older times used to be very  heavy and bulky but nowadays they are light weighted too.

Nowadays they are as small as a chain and a stud. you can check the necklaces on our site. 


Bangles are an inquisitive part of the bridal jewelry. Bangles are worn in the hands on and after wedding day. They can be made up of various metals like gold, silver and can also be made up of glass and plastic. In the Indian subcontinent it is known as suhaag chuda. 

Bangles can be multiple or single according to one's own desire. A few can be checked out on our site.


They form an important integral part of bridal jewelry as they have various significance related to engagement and other important events related to wedding. 

Rings can be western as well as indian which you can check out by clicking on rings. 

Waist belt:

Waist belt or kamarband is a belt made up of gold or silver which is worn around the waist of a bride. It is worn as it embraces the curves of the bride and also helps to hold the saree back 


Payal, Panjeab, Jhanjhran or anklets are worn in the feet by a bride. It usually has some sort of bells or ghunghroos which when a bride walks makes a sound. 

The anklets are made up of silver and it is believed that wherever the sound comes there comes prosperity with it.

Some ideas for anklets are given on our site 

Toe rings : 

Toe rings are worn in the toe fingers of a bride. It symbolizes the status of being marriedl. It signifies the harmony in a relationship between the bride and groom.

It is also known as Bichiyas.


Bridal jewelry not only beautifies the attire and accomplishes the dress of the bride but also signifies the love, prosperity and ambiguity in the relationship of bride and the groom.

The jewelry has now become a part of everyday fashion and girls all over the globe are wearing these handcrafted jewelry articles in an Indowestern form. Which thus helps in carrying out the traditional and personal values of anyone. 

Celebrating the joy of marriage with the tradition and culture the bridal jewelry will always stay intact with us generations after generation.