The last time I visited the Tibetan store, I felt a different atmosphere. The fragrance was full of devotion, and the culture of Tibetan people was so rich that it left me dumbfounded. So after that, when I came home, I was in a series of thoughts of why that was there only. After a lot of research, I got to know about their devotion towards divinity. So here I am with all about one of their holy ornament worn by them, “ANTIQUE TIBETAN RING ”.

Digging deep into the ocean of knowledge. Let's start with our blog.


With their intricate designs and spinning bands, Tibetan rings have a centuries-old history rooted in Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan culture. These rings serve spiritual and meditative purposes, featuring sacred symbols and mantras that aid in prayer and mindfulness. Crafted with traditional techniques, Tibetan rings showcase the region's rich heritage and have gained commercial appeal as unique fashion accessories while helping preserve local craftsmanship.

They were initially called worry rings due to their calming effect on the mind and body. Buddhists used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved to recite and perform their religious practices.

Norbu in Tibetan means jewel and stands equally for spirituality and wealth. The Buddha, the Dharma (doctrine) and the Sangha, the community of beings on the path of enlightenment, are referred to as the Three Jewels, essential to a practitioner on the Buddhist spiritual path.

 Adorned with sacred symbols, mantras, and intricate patterns, Tibetan rings are powerful talismans and expressions of faith. Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations, these rings are not merely jewellery but a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of the region. Beyond their spiritual significance, Tibetan rings have gained worldwide popularity as unique fashion accessories, bridging the gap between ancient tradition and contemporary style while also serving to preserve and celebrate Tibetan culture.


Tibetan rings hold significant cultural, spiritual, and personal meanings. Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, they serve as tools for meditation and prayer, featuring sacred symbols and mantras that aid in spiritual focus and mindfulness. These rings' spinning or rotating bands are believed to be calming, making them valuable for stress relief and concentration. 

As symbols of Tibetan and Himalayan culture, they also help preserve traditional craftsmanship and provide income for local artisans. Beyond their cultural and spiritual significance, Tibetan rings have gained popularity as unique fashion accessories, carrying with them the heritage and symbolism of the Tibetan people.


Tibetan rings are closely associated with Tibetan Buddhism, which has been Tibet's dominant religion and cultural force for over a thousand years. Tibetan Buddhists use prayer wheels, flags, and beads as part of their religious practices. With their spinning or rotating bands, Tibetan rings are believed to serve a similar purpose of aiding meditation and prayer.

Tibetan rings often feature intricate engravings or embossments of sacred symbols, mantras, and motifs. These symbols and designs hold deep spiritual meanings in Tibetan Buddhism. 

Skilled artisans typically handcrafted Tibetan rings using traditional techniques passed down through generations. These craftsmen create intricate and meaningful designs on the coils, making each piece unique.


For aeons, spirituality and serenity have intertwined with human lives, helping individuals find peace amidst the chaos. Inspired by this age-old wisdom, the Buddhist Spinner Mantra Ring offers a seamless blend of tradition and trend, designed for the modern soul seeking tranquillity.

Remember the thrill of opening a gift on Christmas morning? Imagine a ring that isn’t just an accessory but a spiritual touchstone. Whether for the Boxing Day festivities, a wedding gift, or to mark the beautiful bond on Mother’s Day, this spinner ring, emanating charm and grace, is an impeccable choice. Carry a Symbol of Peace

This handcrafted spinner ring, forged from sterling silver, is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled elegance. Its minimalistic design complements every attire, from boho chic to contemporary formal. And with shades of silver and bronze to choose from, it’s an everyday bracelet that harmonises with your mood and outfit.

The colourful aura of Tibetan rings extends beyond their spiritual essence. These rings come in various finishes, including silver and bronze, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Their Boho and Chic style makes them versatile accessories that complement casual and more formal outfits.

Tibetan rings are not just jewellery; they are cultural ambassadors. Crafted by skilled artisans using age-old techniques, they embody the heritage of Tibet and the Himalayan region. Their commercial appeal has helped preserve traditional craftsmanship while offering the world a piece of Tibetan culture.

While these rings are treasured for their aesthetic and cultural value, handling them with care and keeping them in dry conditions is essential since they are not waterproof. Tibetan rings are a captivating blend of spirituality, artistry, and style, with a colourful aura that transcends time and place.

Do you recall the allure of a charm bracelet or the sophisticated touch of a rose gold bracelet? This spinner mantra ring promises the same allure but with a more profound significance. Not only is it adjustable to fit snugly, but it's also lightweight, making it the perfect friendship jewellery.

The spinner, reminiscent of the revered Tibetan prayer wheel, is believed to send prayers to the heavens with each spin, invoking positive energy and tranquillity. So, whenever you fidget with your ring, imagine it as a silent chant, enhancing your aura, one reel at a time.

This adjustable Tibetan ring is a stunning piece crafted from high-quality sterling silver, available in elegant silver and warm bronze finishes. Its versatile design ranges from size 7.5 to 10 (M-T), making it suitable for various finger sizes, while its comfortable 1cm width ensures a chic and boho style statement. 

Though its design is trendy, keeping this ring dry is essential, as it is not waterproof. With its combination of style and functionality, this Tibetan-inspired ring is an excellent addition to any fashion-forward collection, offering both aesthetics and adaptability.