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Black Indian Handmade Earrings

Handmade Fabric earrings are a must-have that never go out of style. Originating from the late 1800s, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Fabric earrings are a versatile accessory that can be worn to work, on a date night, or while lounging around the house. They’re easy to find at any store but you can also create your own with some extra fabric and sewing skills! Fabric jewelry has been around since ancient times and is still popular now. Fabrics are versatile and have been used in jewelry designs for a long time. 

The whole point of fabric earrings is that they can have the same shape as a regular pair of earrings but are made entirely out of fabric. This makes them unique and also allows you to be creative while making your pair. When beginning to make your fabric earrings, it’s best to determine what shape would work best for the types of outfits that you wear. If you are making them for everyday wear, it’s a good idea to find a pattern or design that will fit with what you already have in mind for an outfit.

There is nothing wrong with trying something new! If you rarely step away from the more casual look, then perhaps try something more formal or dressy. To make your fabric earrings, it’s best to start with sturdy fabric. This will give you the best results for your final product. When you are choosing the fabric, look for something that won’t stretch or kink over time and that won’t snag easily. Fabric is a great medium because it’s so durable which means the earring can get passed on down through generations of women and be passed around as a keepsake. 

Here’s our new range of Handmade Fabric Earrings

Black Gold Pearl Handmade Half Disc Fabric Earrings

Who does not love a classic black and gold combination? This boho stud Asian jewelry which is handmade in Indian style earrings is perfect to amp up your overall look.

Blue Handmade Round Fabric Earrings!

This Dangle Earring is our in-house design, made with the finest quality items and printed fabric which is sourced from India. One of the most unique creations we have in the store. 

Black Pearl Handmade Round Fabric Earrings

For anyone who loves pearls, this is your pick. Handmade with love and precision just for you.

Large Blue Handmade Square Fabric Earrings

Go Bold with our large square fabric earrings. For the best results pair this beauty up with a neutral color outfit and see the magic happening.

Large Black Handmade Square Fabric Cowrie Earrings

Shells can never be out of fashion. Get this black handmade shell dangle earring so you can see yourself getting obsessed with this beauty.


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